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New Doctor Who Electro House Mix from Frontload!

There’s certainly no shortage of Doctor Who theme tune remixes on the Internet, and now we have one more: an ‘Electro House’ version from Frontload! With its fast-tempo ‘discotheque’ vibe, it has (faint) echoes of Big Finish’s Paul McGann variation, and is sure to liven up any Doctor Who-related party you might be having, (or any other party for that matter. In-laws’ golden anniversary celebrations at the local golf club? Perfect!)

Living under a musical rock as I do, (I’ve yet to progress past Procol Harum), Frontload is a new name to me. So, my first act was to consult the great Google oracle in search of further information, only to be informed that front-loading is a verb, as in to distribute and allocate unevenly. (This was followed by many websites about washing machines.) Undeterred by this setback, I curled my silver hand into a fist and persisted in my cyber-search, and it wasn’t long before I found my way on to the band’s Facebook page. “Excellent…!”

Apparently, Frontload is a new name to lots of people…

“Frontload may be a new name to you but not for long; three ambitious guys from Vienna who notch up experience in both the recording studio as well as in club consoles on an international level.

“…Managed by Elaine Karlsson and Luciano Ingrosso, there is a fast growing buzz about this outfit in all the right places. The various influences of the three members have found a mutual meeting point and the results… speak for themselves and their fan-base is growing by the day. In the first few months of 2014 they released a single on Wormland Records entitled ‘Rebels’, a remix for the StadiumX Beatport no 1 track ‘Howl At The Moon’ on Protocol… [and] a remix for Mando Diao’s latest single ‘Black Saturday’ (Universal) that is currently climbing charts everywhere in Europe.


“We think that actions speak much louder than words and with an upcoming release schedule like this as well as numerous gigs coming in rapidly Frontload are ‘the whole package’!!!


“Remember the name – you will be hearing it a lot very soon.”

I certainly hope so. Their penchant for funky electronica, (and of course, Doctor Who), is quite infectious, and I could certainly picture myself grooving to their Electro House tones in the future as I bash out articles for Kasterborous, front-loaded with bizarre anecdotes about washing machines and Procol Harum.

If you’re in the mood for more, you might want to have a listen to their aforementioned ‘Rebels’ track, which I located thanks to the power of YouTube. Or, if you’d rather soak up some Gallifreyan goodness, there are a couple of Doctor Who remixes which are a Must for any hardcore fan. There’s 1988’s ‘Doctorin’ the TARDIS’ by The Timelords, (a sort of Bon Jovi-esque power anthem, with Daleks), or there’s Jon Pertwee’s ‘I am the Doctor’ from the 1970s, or even ‘Pandemonium’ by the Pet Shop Boys.

Then again, you might be in the mood for something else entirely…

(via Tipoff: Dr Who Electro House release with Ultra Records)


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