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The President Calls For A Doctor!

It’s official: this is one of the coolest videos to ever grace the internet. Better than that sneezing panda. Certainly superior to “Charlie Bit My Finger.” Potentially better than the X-Men 1990s cartoon theme tune (okay, so it’s a draw).  Watch the video and then read on.

Watched it?

Colin Baker and Paul McGann! Plus two Power Rangers! Walter E. Jones and Austin St. John! Talking to the President! (Ish!) If I were a cheeky young upstart, I’d say that’s a “WIN.” (What’s that? I AM a cheeky young upstart…?)

The four stars were promoting their appearance at Comicpalooza, a convention in Texas late last month. The line-up really was impressive. Stan Lee, the Man, the Legend, headlined the event, and was joined by various members of Agents of SHIELD including Clark Gregg and Elizabeth Henstridge. Then there was the Hulk himself, Lou Ferringo; artistic icon, Jim Steranko; wrestler, Bret Hart; and – setting many a pulse racing – Tricia Helfer.

But enough about them! You want to hear about Doctor Who stars, right? Comicpalooza had the Doctor en masse, as Baker and McGann were shoulder-to-shoulder with Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison and Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy.

The Whoniverse’s darker corners were represented by Captain Jack Harkness aka. John Barrowman (joined by his sister, Carole), first introduced in 2005’s The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances before travelling with the Ninth Doctor (and the Tenth, a bit), and James Marsters. Most know the latter for starring in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but he also played a fellow Time Agent in Torchwood Series 2!

Tony Lee wrapped up the line-up; his Doctor Who credentials span IDW’s comic run starring Doctor Ten and Eleven, but his work is far more extensive than that, encompassing both Marvel and DC alongside several smaller publishers.

Comicpalooza didn’t start off as a convention at all. It began as a signing in 2008 to celebrate the release of The Dark Knight, but the following year, it reappeared as a two-day event with guests including David Mack (Kabuki; Daredevil) and Terry Moore (Echo; Strangers in Paradise).

A few guests had to cancel their appearances at this year’s expo, including Dave Prowse, best known as Darth Vader, but who also starred in The Time Monster as the Minotaur.

Did anyone go to Comicpalooza? What did you think and who did you meet?


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