Series 8 Filming Photos: The Doctor and Clara in Cardiff!

There is nothing particularly spoiler-ish about these photos, but if you’re the sort of Whovian that prefers complete mental “tabula rasa” going into a new series of Doctor Who, you’ve been duly noted. That being said, Wales Online has shared some new photos of filming that took place in Cardiff this week at the Trade Street Cafe. While the Doctor and his companions making a jaunt in and around Cardiff is nothing new since the show returned in 2005, it is interesting to wonder exactly what they’re up to and if the Cafe will serve as more to the plot than a backdrop.

In addition, Wales Online has also ran a follow up piece listing some of the other “foodie haunts” that Doctor and company have frequented over the past 9 years or so. It’s a pretty solid list, even including the Kardomah Cafe, where the Tenth Doctor and Wilf have their tender discussion on Donna and how regeneration affects our favorite Time Lord.

S8 Filming 2

S8 Filming 1

S8 Filming 5

S8 Filming 7

S8 Filming 8

S8 Filming 4

S8 Filming 3

S8 Filming 6

Why the following idea hasn’t been put into action is beyond me, but with a list like that it seems that a Doctor Who Food Tour could be a welcome official (or unofficial) addition to the Doctor Who Experience Walking Tour (which does encompass a number of filming locales in the Cardiff area). Just “food” for thought.

What do you make of the pictures, dear reader? Can you spy any details that might explain the Doctor and Clara’s presence in Cardiff? And finally, does the fact that Doctor Who filmed a scene in a restaurant/bar/cafe make your more likely to check it out? Sound off below!


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