Two-Part Series 8 Finale, Creepy Pics & Moxey Guests

Right then, Kasterborites, pin your lugholes back for a special blast of Series 8 news! In a packed news blast tonight, we bring you teasers, hints and half-truths, all connected to the delights in store for us from August! Possible spoilers ahead, enter if you dare!

Rachel Talalay Reveals Two-Part Finale!

Director Rachel Talalay has confirmed via the medium of Twitter that she’ll be directing the final story of the new series, and it’s going to be a two-parter! Rachel tweeted thus:

“Can’t believe it myself. Taking lame-o selfies in the tardis. It’s finale. 2-parter. rest is top secret.”

Talalay, whose Tweet was promptly deleted and who was confirmed for Series 8 last month, has told Yahoo:

“I don’t approach it in terms of, ‘What am I bringing that’s different?’ I’m approaching it in terms of, ‘How the hell do you do this?!’ It’s so hard! It’s so big and so hard and so ambitious. When you’re working with a wonderful script, you just think, “How to I tell this story beautifully and blow away the audience?”

Many fans will surely welcome the prospect of an epic finale to round off the series after a distinct lack of two-parters last season.

Creepy Pics Poser

New snaps from the filming of the new series pose the intriguing question of just what is going on to seemingly turn people into two-dimensional drawings? Hailing from episode 8, written by Jamie Mathieson and guest starring Frank Skinner, the photos depict ordinary everyday folk sketched from the back. In itself, of course, this would make a pretty rubbish adventure, so there surely has to be something sinister at work.

Last time the series tried something along these lines in Fear Her it didn’t go so well, it has to be said, but stay positive! At very least these give us something to ponder in the coming weeks. Other snaps offer lovely Clara going all 1920’s on us and images of the episode 7 cast in their spacesuits.

Foxes “Not Bad”


Singing sensation Foxes has revealed that she won’t be playing a villain when she guest stars in Series 8. Speaking to BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat she declared:

“I’m not the villain.”

That’s cleared that one up! Elsewhere in the interview Foxes joined in the universal praise for new Doc Peter Capaldi (“He’s got a charisma and a charm that’s very exciting and fresh”) and, in news that’s likely to delight and appall in equal measure, revealed that she’ll be performing a song in the episode which may be released afterwards.

Moxey Guests in Series 8?

Finally, a potential new guest star has rolled out from the rumour mill. Christopher Fairbank, still best known as hangdog Scouse plasterer Moxey in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, may be making an appearance. He’s not the only member of the Auf Wiedersehen crew to appear in Doctor Who, of course: Noel Clarke co-starred in the BBC’s revival in 2002. Fairbank is such a familiar presence on TV screens it’s hard to believe he hasn’t already been in the series, but the closest he’s come has been a couple of Big Finsh audios: The Wreck Of The Titan and The Scapegoat.

Oh no, I think I’ve just re-started the argument about whether Big Finish stories count as canon. If I sneak off now maybe no one will notice…


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