It’s An Amazing Big Finish News Blast!

Today’s news blast has a distinctly Big Finish flavour to it with a taste of charity giveaways, a pinch of Philip Hinchcliffe (please, do not pinch Philip Hinchcliffe) and a fair old slice of the Sixth Doctor’s latest adventures.

Spend the Day with Big Finish!

Kicking things off; there’s only a month left to submit your bid to spend the day with Big Finish at their studios. The prize giveaway, organised by Doctor Who Cares in aid of Denville Hall – a home elderly theatre professionals, includes the chance to attend a recording, meet and have your photo taken with the actors, and sample the famous Big Finish lunch!

And you thought all those food synonyms were for nothing.

The current leading bid stands a £375.00 with the auction set to close at midnight on August 9th

The winner must cover any transport and accommodation costs.

Revisiting The Philip Hinchcliffe Era

Speaking of transportation, how about being transported back (seamless, I know) to the haunted vistas, the smog enveloped hillsides and the mercurial dark arts of the Philip Hinchcliffe era?

Anticipating the September launch of the collaboration with legendary Doctor Who producer, Philip Hinchcliffe, Big Finish are proud to release this trailer for the tantalising Doctor Who: Philip Hinchcliffe Presents

The box set comprises two epic stories for the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Leela (Louise Jameson) written by the man who oversaw some of the show’s most classic moments.

Speaking about the first of two six episode serials, The Ghost of Gralstead, the great man himself shared a little bit about the origins of the fantastic meeting of Doctor Who minds:

“The starting point was there were a few basic ideas that were kicking around for another series, had we made it,” says Philip. “I thought this project would be fun to be involved with, and I’ve tried to and tell stories that are in the same spirit as the ones Robert Holmes and I were telling.”

In The Ghost of Gralstead, the Doctor and Leela return to Victorian London, in the year 1860 where, at St Clarence’s Hospital, respected surgeon Sir Edward Scrivener requires the bodies of the dead while at Doctor McDivett’s Exhibition of Living Wonders and Curiosities, miracles are afoot.

And in Gralstead House, the ghost will walk again. Mordrega has come to Earth…

In the second audio adventure, The Devil’s Armada, the TARDIS lands in Sissenden Village in the sixteenth century. Catholic priests are hunted, so-called witches are drowned in the ducking stool, and in the shadows the Vituperon are watching… and waiting…

Producer David Richardson said:

“The edits are complete now and I couldn’t be prouder of this release. This is Philip’s vision of Doctor Who just as you remember it – dark and scary, with magnificent villains and deep moral dilemmas.”

The six-disc set also includes a behind the scenes documentary, featuring interviews with Philip, Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, adapter Marc Platt and the cast and crew.

Doctor Who: Philip Hinchcliffe Presents Box Set is available to pre-order now for release in September for £55.00 on CD and £45.00 for the Digital edition.

The Widow’s Assassin

However, if you’re in the market for more pre-order goodness from Big Finish; why not swap the gothic trappings of Hinchcliffe for a fairytale with a difference in The Window’s Assassin, the latest Sixth Doctor audio adventure?


Starring Colin Baker, The Widow’s Assassin sees the Doctor smack bang in the middle of a tale of lore as he must rescue the maiden, fight the king and slay the Dragon; all in the name of the kind of fairytale lore he can’t quiet remember.

The full synopsis reads:

“Once upon a time, in a land of monsters and corridors, a fair maiden was captured, and placed in a deep sleep.

She was used to being captured, and she had a hero who rescued her on just such occasions. But this time the hero never came.

And the fair maiden slept on.

Eventually, a King rescued the maiden, and made her his bride, which many wise old women might tell you is just another way of capturing fair maidens.

And still the fair maiden slept on.

Then, the hero had another stab at rescuing the maiden from her prison, but he was too late. And, more importantly, he had forgotten the rules of fairy tales.

He didn’t slay the dragon.”

The Widow’s Assassin, written by Nev Fountain and starring Colin Baker & Nicola Bryant, is available to pre-order now for release in October for £14.99 on CD and £14.99 as a digital download.


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