Redesigned Cybermen in Doctor Who Series 7

The Cybermen Return In Series 8: How Do You Feel?

This article contains spoilers for Doctor Who Series 8! 

Still with us? Good on yer! The following concerns the Cybermen return in the next run of Doctor Who, currently being filmed.. If that much is enough for you, hit one of the links in the left column; to learn more, read on…

Yes, the silver giants are back! The Cybermen will return in the latter stages of series 8. This we know due to some extremely spoiler-ific pictures snapped for Wales Online and already analysed and pored over for what they reveal. So what do we know about what expect from their next appearance? Spoiler-phobics may wish to click away now…

The filming, in broad daylight in the middle of Cardiff, would seem to be for episode 12, the same story which will feature Michelle Gomez, confirmed by the BBC this week to be playing the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere. The Cybermen in question will be the latest version as featured in Nightmare in Silver and the episode will also feature another old friend of the Doctor. If you want to know more, chances are you probably already do from the exhaustive observations recorded elsewhere online.

So how do you feel about the Cybermen coming back? There’s a case to made that, of all the classic returning monsters, they have been the ones least well served since the programme was revived with few of their appearances since 2005 ranking among the very best that the new series has had to offer.

Different stories will all have their fans, of course, but many would argue that too often they’ve felt like all-purpose heartless villains, their appearances characterised by some uninspired plotting, with the Cybermen playing second fiddle to other evil masterminds such as John Lumic (Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel) and Miss Hartigan (The Next Doctor). Some of the new tricks tried by writers to inject new life into them, such as the Cybershades and the CyberKing, have perhaps fallen a little flat, literally in the latter’s case. In Doomsday the Cybermen even suffered the ignominy of getting a right old hammering at the hands (or should that be plungers?) of the Daleks!

Closing Time may have been a sweet little tale exploring fatherhood, loyalty and the need to face up to one’s responsibilities, but it won’t top anyone’s list of favourite Cyber stories. Nightmare in Silver, 2013’s eagerly awaited Cybermen return promised so much but has to go down as one of the biggest disappointments from that or any other year. It will be interesting to see if the 2014 Cybermen retain the new powers on display in that episode, where they were able to move at rapid speed and upgrade in an instant to overcome any weakness.

All in all then, the Cybermen are surely due a classic episode, one to count among their most memorable appearances alongside the likes of Tomb of the Cybermen and Earthshock. The shots from this week’s filming are certainly promising. Let’s hope what we see on screen later this year truly delivers.

But enough from me! What do you think of the Cybermen returning? Is Steven Moffat due a gold star for bringing them back? Or should they have been kept on ice?


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