Doctor Who Visits Cardiff City Centre For Series 8 Shoot

Back in action once again, early morning commuters in Queens Street, Cardiff were treated to the sight of the Doctor, Clara and the TARDIS battling the forces of evil outside a branch of NatWest yesterday.

Queues of fans quickly gather to watch the action unfold and once again, both Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman were generous enough to spend an extended amount of time posing for pictures.

One fan, 16-month-old Leia Palmer, can be seen with the most adorable smile on her face as her not quite as cool, calm and collected mother snaps a soon to be cherished photo with the Twelfth Doctor.

You can take a glance at a full gallery of images – including a snap of the moment the Doctor met Leia Palmer – from Wales Online.

Naturally, some of the pictures/selfies ended up on Twitter.

@HumansofCardiff shared a brief conversation with the Doctor (at 04:30 am! Get to bed Humans of Cardiff!); plus a rather dashing picture of the man himself while Its On Cardiff managed to grab a snap of discussion between Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and a be-shorted crew member (above, possibly sharing their incredulity at the 4.2% APR they could receive on their respective Offset Flexible Mortgages).

Some of the filming included the Doctor and Clara having an animated discussion outside the TARDIS, before the Doctor whisks himself away, leaving Clara to wander the streets alone (possibly to discuss her personal banking options with NatWest while swiping a few free pens)

You can also watch Peter Capaldi sign a few autographs and a little bit of the action itself (including the man operating the ‘fan of implied time travel’) also via Wales Online.

But alas, time waits for no man, including a Time Lord, and come 10:30 am, the Doctor and Clara were ushered off to film elsewhere – possibly outside a branch of Lloyds (after all the trailer did show a brief clip of the Doctor on a ‘prancing horse’)

Wait a moment! Isn’t Ms Delphox – the character played by Keeley Hawes in Steve Thompson’s episode, rumoured to be called Time Heist – a banker?!

Conspiracy! Their evil has spread across the galaxy!

Start your ‘banks are this year’s big bad’ rumours now!


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