Moffat, Hurt & McGann Guested at London Film & Comic Con 2014!

Two Time Lords and a showrunner graced the stage at the London Film and Comic Con at the weekend. Steven Moffat was joined by War Doctor John Hurt and his ‘predecessor’ Paul McGann at the annual event, with the trio taking questions from throngs of science fiction fans.

One topic that Moffat discussed at length was that of new Doctor Peter Capaldi, whose debut episode Deep Breath is scheduled for August 23rd. For anyone slightly nervous about the Twelfth Doctor’s arrival, the head writer had few words of comfort, stating that there were some “nasty” episodes coming up in the Eighth Season. Coupled with the somewhat unsettling moment in the brand new trailer, in which Capaldi tells Clara they’re heading “into darkness,” you could be forgiven for having reservations about the Time Lord’s next incarnation.

Despite this, in another panel companion Jenna Coleman worked hard to reassure Whovians that the TARDIS was safe in Capaldi’s hands, which, incidentally, she referred to as “most incredible.” She admitted that, whilst his Doctor would be a “complete departure,” and that he and Matt Smith “work differently,” everything about him is still “Doctoresque.”

Personally, I don’t think we’ve anything to worry about. Whatever slant the producers put on the new Doctor, he’s still fundamentally a hero, whatever demons he’s battling with. He’s never going to O.D. on Vraxoin, or canoodle with can-loving babes from Penhaxico II, no matter how much “darkness” he pilots the TARDIS into! As Paul McGann put it, “‘We might have the best ever Doctor on our hands…”

These musings aside, Steven Moffat also passed comment on the recent security leaks that have plagued the BBC, noting that the outing of the series’ first five scripts left him feeling “miserable.” Best not say anymore about that one, then.

Surprisingly, one of the hottest topics of the day was that of a Doctor Who / Sherlock crossover, and I’ve really no idea where this has come from; the very thought of Sherlock Holmes trying to sonic a Dalek fills me with abject horror! And yet a lot of people seem to want it. Fortunately, Steven Moffat was quick to downplay any possibility of it happening, although he did admit to having a photograph of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman standing on the TARDIS set. I’m just glad Jim Moriarty wasn’t there as well, because then I really would have nightmares.

Finally, and perhaps most fascinatingly, we have the comments from Time Lords John Hurt and Paul McGann, who were on hand to discuss The Day of the Doctor, and matters arising. The War Doctor admitted that his decision to take part in the 50th anniversary special was “a no-brainer,” adding that “there’s an enormous amount of extremely hard work” that goes into making the show. Paul McGann was similarly complimentary, describing his very own ‘prequel’ episode, The Night of the Doctor, as “rather beautiful” and “really rather clever.” Intriguingly, he agreed to make an appearance before the script had even been written; Steven Moffat apparently wanted to make sure he’d be up for it before he put pen to paper. Good thinking, Steven – we could have had Sylvester McCoy in a wig otherwise!

So there we are, Kasterborites – just some of the comments that were made at the latest London Film and Comic Con. What do you think – would a Doctor Who / Sherlock crossover be a good idea? Are you unsure about Peter Capaldi? Does Jim Moriarty give you nightmares? Tell us in the comments below!


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