Noel Clarke Blasts Lack Of Diversity In Sci-Fi

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Noel Clarke: “Where is the racial diversity in sci-fi?”

The Artist Formerly Known as Mickey and triple threat Noel Clarke has shared his thoughts on diversity within sci-fi.

As his latest movie, the sci-fi thriller The Anomaly, hits cinemas Friday 4th July, Clarke spoke to the Belfast Telegraph about how, despite the importance of diversity in British film and TV, he’d much rather be writing the kind of roles that inspire fledging actors from any ethnic background:

“I have to just look at the glass as half-full all the time, as I do. I’m not going to sit around waiting for reports, I’m not going spend an hour-and-a-half reading a report when I could be writing a film that’s going to help actors of colour, or any actor.”

It’s a quiet call for quality that he hopes will also reflect our own rich, multicultural society:

“…Where are the Asian actors, where are the Chinese actors? It’s not just black people, it’s a whole mix. And I’m not saying you should have a film that looks like United Colours of Benetton or anything like that, but you should reflect the country you live in. But I haven’t got time, I’m just going to get on with it. And hopefully by doing what I do there are people of any race, of any disability that are going, ‘If he can do it I can do it’.”

Although he is keen to play down his importance, Clarke still feels proud to be a black actor taking the lead role in a sci-fi thriller on the big screen:

“It’s very important, and I feel like it’s unappreciated how important it is. Because the truth of the matter is, most likely, if I didn’t play this role, no actor of colour would have got this role. That’s the truth. We’ve got great actors like John Boyega now, who’s going to be in Star Wars. Hopefully he’ll be the beginning of a massive change.”

The Anomaly is released this Friday. You’ll also see Clarke in upcoming drama Chasing Shadows with River Song actress Alex Kingston later this year.

Series 7 Hits Amazon Instant Video

He might not be so sure anymore but you can relive the days where the Doctor was indeed a good man with Seasons 1-7 available now in HD/SD via Amazon Instant Video.

Despite missing The Day of the Doctor and Matt Smith’s departure, The Time of the Doctor, there are also a host of classic serials including Planet of Fire, The Claws of Axons and The Green Death available to purchase now in individual episodes or whole serials for £1.89 and £5.99 respectively.

What’s more if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, the first six seasons are available for free (Free I tells ya!) while Season Seven is available as single episodes/half season/whole season for £1.89, £3.99 and £9.99.

(With thanks to Joe)

Tenth Doctor with 3D Glasses in Doctor Who: Legacy!

Its final moments were recently voted SFX’s Greatest Sci-Fi Scene Ever and now you too can add a little greatness to your Doctor Who: Legacy game by unlocking the Tenth Doctor costume from Doomsday.

Rather than say, the heartbroken hologram from the beach (complete with wind-ruffled hair) or even (…shudder) the backpack clad, Ghostbusters aping Doctor from the previous episode, the Legacy programmers have sensibly gone for the Doctor that’ll never again miss anything passing through void space with these nifty 3-D glasses.

To claim your own Doomsday Doctor, simply enter the code from David Tennant News in Options–>promo and he’s all yours Share with your friends and, what’s more, the code won’t expire for a month.

Now just try not to think about that scene again, you know, where he was… and she said, and… I promised myself I wouldn’t cry…

Remember When Tom Baker Visited?

Dwelling on the fond memories brought racing back to prominence thanks to the Plymouth Herald’s photograph of the day Tom Baker came to meet competition winners at a local school – Alan Slade, father of two of the boys, David and Mark Slade, has gotten back in touch with the paper to shed some light on the day the Fourth Doctor came to School.

Featuring in the papers On This Day series, the photograph shows the Doctor signing a picture painted by the David – based on the story the young girl next to him had submitted and had won her and her fellow classmates this precious time with the Doctor.

As Alan explains:

“I think it was open to all the primary schools in Plymouth at the time, and the two of them had won the competition to meet Tom Baker. We still have the signed painting.”

It speaks volumes for the power of the Doctor and the magic that we imbue our icons, both childhood or otherwise, that Alan got in touch with the paper to share his abiding memories of the time his children met one of their heroes.

Rather sweetly, Alan goes on to share with the paper (although it readers far too much like punched up copy to be his words) where his sons are now:

“David went on to play for Plymouth Albion Devon South West Rugby under-21s and senior teams, and is still involved with rugby at Devonport Services, where he coaches the under-13s youth rugby and is the facilities manager at Becton Dickinson Plymouth. Mark went on to play for Plymouth Albion and was captain for a couple of years and also played for Devon, South West under-21s and senior teams, and is now the Commercial Director at Maitlands, Plymouth.”

I wonder if they still think of the moment the Doctor came to School?

Not Space Invaders

Remember that time when the TARDIS, now armed with ‘advanced shooting power’ crash landed on the cactus-strewn Planet X (I’m just going to call it Space Texas; it seems to fit) where, trapped inside his craft by advancing horizontal, slightly off models of his deadliest foes (and for some reason, K-9) descended from the heavens; ready to trigger some sort of proximity alert; forcing the Doctor to either blast holes in their perfectly symmetrical rows or be forced to live in a temporal loop, re-spawning back at the start of their encounter every time they reached the same height as the TARDIS?

You know, like a certain popular video game developed in 1978 by Tomohiro Nishikado. You know the one, Space something…Invaders from Space, yes, that’s it.

Well, now you can blast K-9 to bits with Doctor Who X, the fun, undemanding Flash game from Addicting Games 360, ‘an archive of free addicting games.’

There’s so much quirk here it’s impossible to be too judgmental: Why do The Silence randomly float off into space? Why does everything explode into a shower of rocks? Did the Doctor fit a Sounds of Sci-Fi 1950’s ‘phew phew’ sound to his ‘advanced shooting power’ on purpose?

Oh and am I meant to blast K-9 to bits? The game doesn’t really delineate between rewards and penalties; I mean I wanted to shoot the orbiting Silence because it seemed like a challenge I would be rewarded for, ditto the punishment for blasting poor K-9 – it seemed like something I should be punished for.

Anyway, as derivative as it is; it’s a lot of goofy fun too.

Now man the guns! It’s time to blast me some Tin Dog! If you’re a fan of Doctor Who videogames, meanwhile, don’t forget to check out Kasterborous Magazine issue 2, in the Kasterborous Store now!


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