Doctor Who chief Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat NOT Quitting Doctor Who for Star Wars

Respected Star Wars website Jedi News claims that Steven Moffat is being linked to a future Star Wars project, probably as writer but potentially as producer or even director!

Moffat – who wrote Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn movie – is said to be in the frame for either a trilogy installment or one of the standalone side projects. If it is the former, then it will probably be IX, the final part – if the latter, we can take our pick as none of them had cast or crew formally confirmed.

In case you didn’t know, Star Wars creator George Lucas and Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg are regular collaborators, and good friends. Spielberg himself has been involved with Doctor Who in the past when Philip Segal – future executive of the 1996 TV Movie – was working with Spielberg’s production company Amblin. We’re talking two degrees of separation here, people, so don’t rule this out.

Of course, with a role that Moffat is not known for in the mix, this could have very interesting consequences for his future as the boss of Doctor Who. While we can see how he might be able to manage writing and even producing a movie (although he turned down a second Tintin movie to take the reins on Doctor Who), directing is a whole different proposition, requiring a considerable amount of time that we don’t believe is available concurrent to Doctor Who and even Sherlock.

We will have to wait and see; at this stage, the proposition of Steven Moffat quitting Doctor Who is purely conjecture, based on a rumour of is his possible association with Star Wars. It’s exciting though – after all, if anything was likely to pull the showrunner away it would have to be something just that little bit bigger, and the revived Star Wars certainly fits the bill…

(Via ComicBookMovie | Thanks to Nick)

Update: Sue Vertue Intervenes!

Sue Vertue, wife of Steven Moffat and successful TV producer in her own right, has this morning tweeted:

So it seems that we can lay this one to rest!


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