Thursday News: Scariest Who? A Lost Eighth Doctor Story? And WWSMD?

Faster than a shuttle out of Galaxy 5, more powerful than a dose of Chronon Radiation, and packed with more information than the legendary Dalek mainframe: It’s the Kasterborous News Blast! Today Steven Spielberg copies Doctor Who, a lost story is found, a new writer is confirmed, and… oh, The Horror (Channel)! The Horror (Channel)!


Steven Moffat Fiveish

In an interview with The Telegraph, Mickey Fisher, creator of the highly-anticipated US sci-fi series Extant, said he looked to Doctor Who for inspiration when coming up with his new show:  “While I was writing the pilot, because I’m a big Doctor Who fan, I had a Post-it note on the corner of my monitor that said, ‘WWSMD; what would Steven Moffat do?’… [Doctor Who] has such a great heart at the centre of it, and I think that was really important to me. It’s not a dystopian world.”

The big-budget series stars Halle Berry as an astronaut who returns to Earth only to find that she is pregnant… with an alien’s baby! Produced by Steven Spielberg, Extant will air on CBS in the US and Amazon Prime VOD in the UK.


Daleks in Manhattan

Andrew Husband has an opinion piece  in which he delves into whether modern Doctor Who is becoming more and more American. The writer brings up the modern US-modeled format (13 hour-long episodes instead of the classic multi-part cliffhangers), the influence of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the “American” Paul McGann TV movie, and the Eleventh Doctor’s many adventures in the US (Utah, Florida, Manhattan). Husband has obviously deeply Pond-ered the subject, and his closing thoughts are quite interesting (has Steven Moffat turned against the perceived Americanization of the show?).

And don’t forget to take a look at our opinion piece about American companions!


The Domino Effect

The writer David Bishop has posted his original pitch for a novel called The Turing Shroud. The novel was pitched to the BBC in 2001 and was actually accepted, but according to Bishop, large changes were made to his original ideas and it eventually ended up as a novel called The Domino Effect (which Bishop calls “among my worst”). The Turing Shroud was to be an Eighth Doctor adventure in which the Time Lord faced a moral dilemma on a computerless alternative Earth.


The Ark in Space 3

The Horror Channel is now taking votes for the scariest Doctor Who episodes as picked by the viewers. Fans can go to the channel’s website and vote for the story they would like to see broadcast over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Voters can choose from 20 classic stories, from An Unearthly Child through The Curse of Fenric. A person need only write a small explanation of why they picked their certain story and can also register to win prizes! So, get out from behind the sofa and vote!


S8 Filming 2

Children’s book and film author Frank Cotrell Boyce has now been officially confirmed as the writer of episode ten of the upcoming Peter Capaldi series.

Cotrell Boyce is a long-time Doctor Who fan who has written popular children’s novels (Cosmic, Framed) as well as films such as Millions (based on his book) and 24-Hour Party People. The Liverpool-born writer seems genuinely taken aback to be scripting our favorite Time Lord: “I was flabbergasted to be asked to write an episode – partly because I’ve been so absorbed in the last few series that I’d sort of forgotten that it wasn’t real.”

The as-yet-untitled episode will be directed by Sheree Folkson, who worked with former Doctor David Tennant on both Casanova and The Decoy Bride and Alex Kingston (River Song) on 2009’s Hope Springs!


The Krotons

And finally, the actor Terence Brown, who played Abu the Gond in the 1968 Second Doctor story The Krotons, has set up a blog page. Brown has a few other screen credits, but his appearance in Doctor Who is perhaps his most notable role, especially to fans. His TARDIS-themed blog page–just now up and running–can be seen here.

Well, that’s it for today’s big Blast, Kasterborites! Make sure to tune in tomorrow, because even when it involves all of time and space, Kasterborous has it covered!


Drew has been a fan of Doctor Who ever since he flipped through the channels late one night and saw a girl blowing up an army of funny robot men with nothing but a slingshot and some old coins. He currently lives somewhere in the woods of Missouri with his beautiful wife Barbara.

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