Unmissable Doctor Who Figures & Collectables In EBay Auction!

We’ve just spotted an awesome collection of Doctor Who figures and other collectables on eBay in an auction that is set to close tomorrow morning around 9am!

Comprising Daleks, at least one TARDIS, diecast collectables, stamps and of course various incarnations of the Doctor himself, this is a 22-piece set with the starting bid set at a not-unreasonable £500.

The auction listing details are listed below:

2 individual boxed figures/collectable’s available to avid collector’s. All are in original box/packaging and in mint/near mint condition. All items were bubble wrapped by myself on purchase and, as in the photo’s, remain so. I would unwrap them all for more detailed proof of their new condition, but is a bit time consuming so opted to unwrap 5, but can guarantee 100% satisfaction on delivery. I would consider postage (likely Royal Mail), but rather local pick up/ delivery for nominal fee within 50 miles of Portsmouth (Hampshire) to ensure no damage comes to any item. Please contact for delivery cost/cost of diesel prior to lot ending. Please feel free to message me for any enquiry.

The list of figures are as follows –

British Icon Dalek – Collectors’ Edition (50th anniversary year 2013), standing at 12″.

5″ Diecast collectable Cyberman (Diecast 004)
5″ Diecast collectable Gold Dalek (Diecast 002)
5″ Diecast collectable Black Dalek (Diecast 003)

Cybermen Age of Steel Box Set – Set includes:

Cyberman figure from “The Tenth Planet”
Cyberman figure from “Tomb of The Cybermen”
Cyberman figure from “The Invasion”

Dalek Collector’s Set #1 – Set includes:

Dalek from ‘THE DEAD PLANET’ 1963
Supreme Dalek from ‘THE PLANET OF THE DALEKS’ 1973
Dalek from ‘GENESIS OF THE DALEKS’ 1975

Dalek Collector’s set #2 – Set includes:

Saucer Pilot Dalek from ‘DALEK INVASION OF EARTH’ 1964
Emperor’s Guard Dalek from ‘EVIL OF THE DALEKS’ 1967
Supreme Dalek from ‘DAY OF THE DALEKS’ 1972

Dapol Tardis 1987 (7th Doctor Era)

Corgi 1963-2003 40th Anniversary tin set (includes 4th Doctor, 4th Doctor in Tardis, 4th Doctor in Bessie/Who1, K9, Davros, Classic Cyberman, & Emperor Guard Dalek)

Corgi 1963-2003 40th Anniversary Tardis Box Set
set (includes 4th Doctor in Bessie/Who1, K9, Davros, Classic Cyberman, & Supreme Dalek)

All 11 Limited Edition Doctor/Dalek Twin packs exclusively from Toys R Us, which are – 1st Doctor with Supreme Dalek (The Dalek’s Master Plan)
2nd Doctor with Dalek (Evil Of The Dalek’s)
3rd Doctor with Anti-Reflecting Light Wave Dalek (Planet of the Dalek’s)
4th Doctor with Dalek (Genesis Of The Dalek’s)
5th Doctor with Dalek (Resurrection Of The Dalek’s)
6th Doctor with Dalek (Revelation Of The Dalek’s)
7th Doctor with Dalek (Remembrance Of The Dalek’s)
8th Doctor with Dalek Alpha (Children Of The Revolution)
9th Doctor with Dalek (The Parting Of The Ways)
10th Doctor with Dalek (The Stolen Earth)
11th Doctor with Paradigm Dalek Strategist (Asylum Of The Daleks); and last but not least…..

The Royal Mail 50th anniversary stamp collection

Head to eBay for a closer look!


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