DOctor Who Series 8: Deep Breath

Video Of Doctor Who Leaked Episode Now Available Online

Following last weekend’s news that scripts of the five first episodes of Doctor Who Series 8 had been leaked online, we can now confirm that at least one episode – Deep Breath – has also made its way onto Bittorrent networks for illegal downloaders to “enjoy”.

Much like the Rose leak of 2005, however, this is an unfinished copy of the debut episode for the Twelfth Doctor, missing some CGI and colour. That’s right, it’s in black and white.

We should point out that this is believed to be from the same security breach that made the scripts available. It is significant, perhaps, that the video of the episode has taken a week to be uploaded.

We’re not going to go into the ethics of downloading copyrighted material here. If you’ve ever downloaded, then you should be wrestling with your conscience over it regularly; if you’re new to downloading material that you haven’t purchased or been assigned the privilege to view, perhaps you should rethink.

However, we notice that a lot of fingers are being pointed at Marcelo Camargo, believed to be involved in subtitling Series 8 into Portuguese – mainly due to his name being watermarked over the leaked scripts. This amateur detection is only likely to cause more problems rather than find the perpetrators of this leak. Having someone’s name on a document doesn’t mean that they are responsible for the leak. (After all, if I sign this article “Gary Lineker” it doesn’t mean he wrote it, does it?) If you’re looking for a way to stop the leaks ruining the first half of the new series of Doctor Who, the best thing you can do is encourage people not to download, not to spoil the episodes (it wouldn’t surprise us if the other four end up being made available).

As we understand it, the police are already involved. Speculation and finger-pointing at this stage is dangerous and could potentially prejudice any legal action should the matter reach court. We’ve more thoughts on these leaks in the recent podKast.

All we would say to you, Kasterborite, is wait until August 23rd (or your locally scheduled time) and enjoy Deep Breath along with everyone else in your country/the world.


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