Matthew Waterhouse & Tom Baker: Reunited?

The narrative territory of Big Finish just keeps growing – the Companion Chronicles have explored and expanded the early years of the first three Doctors, now sadly lacking their leading men. We’ve had a new companion join Steven and the First Doctor, another come back to life as a possessed house, we’ve had new companions and new arcs for old companions from the later Classic years. But there is the odd gap here and there…

Hot on the heels of the announcement that maths genius Adric, as played by actor/author Matthew Waterhouse, will be returning alongside the Fifth Doctor later this year, is this tweet:

Waterhouse, who now resides across the Pond in New Haven, Connecticut (alleged home of the frisbee and lollipop), would be up for reprising his character alongside the Fourth Doctor – and apparently Tom Baker is up for it too… Adric was one of the last companions to travel with his Doctor, alongside Nyssa and Tegan. A diverse TARDIS trio to smooth over the transition from one Doctor to a very different one. The character was killed off in Earthshock in an act of mathsy-self sacrifice where he managed to prevent the Cybermen from wiping out the human race, bringing about the end of the dinosaurs instead.

He seems pretty keen, tweeting:

It remains to be seen how convincingly he can recreate a character he last played aged 18 but he might well be right – there is something about the contrast between his and Baker’s voices that could work wonderfully on audio. The character has drawn mixed feelings from fans over the years and perhaps was written with a little too much teen-angst and joined one of the least functional TARDIS families we’ve seen over the years. That said, I jumped in to the Big Finish Fifth Doctor range recently with The Emerald Tiger and was blown away by how well the post-Adric crew worked. And then there’s the wonders that Colin Baker has delivered on audio after his less well handled tenure on-screen. Can they work similar magic with Adric’s character?…

In the meantime, here’s a trailer for MJTV’s mystical sci-fi pilot, Ghostlands from 1996 – haven’t seen it but it features Two Doctor‘s villainess Jacqueline Pearce, Sylvester McCoy and one Mr Waterhouse looking rather unwell with a raised eye-brow and creepy stare at 2m33s:

His website is worth a visit and features links to his blog and audio snippets from his novels.


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