Big Finish’s Domain of the Voord Out in September!

Not that long ago, Big Finish announced that they would be starting a new line of Doctor Who audio adventures that focused on brand new adventures with the First and Second Doctors (or the Hartnell and Troughton Doctors if your subscribing to Moffat’s naming scheme).

The Doctor Who: The Early Adventures line’s first installment is set to release next month. The brand new story, by Andrew Smith, features the First Doctor and is called the Domain of the Voord. It also features William Russell as Ian Chesterton (and presumably the Doctor!) and Carole Ann Ford reprising her role as Susan (and probably Barbara as well).

From the synopsis:

The Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara land on the planet Hydra, where Admiral Jonas Kaan leads a vast flotilla of ships trying to elude the vicious race that has invaded and occupied their world.  But his ships are being picked off one by one, vessels and crews dragged underwater by an unseen foe. The time travellers find themselves pitched into battle against the Voord, the ruthless enemy they last encountered on the planet Marinus. As they take the fight to the very heart of the territory now controlled by the Voord the stakes get higher. First they lose the TARDIS… then they lose that which they hold most dear. And that’s only the start of their troubles. In the capital, Predora City, they will learn the truth of what it means to be a Voord.  And that truth is horrifying.

Given the success they’ve had with new adventures in the Companion Chronicles, I expect that this new line will be a hit with fans of the First and Second Doctors. Doctor Who: The Early Adventures – Domain of the Voord is out in September, but is available for pre-order now.

Will you be picking this up, dear reader? Let us know!


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