Capaldi & Coleman Talk To The Press Ahead Of Doctor Who Series 8

The wait is almost over people, in a mere five days we will all be parked either in front of our TV’s, or for some of us an even bigger screen if you happen to be headed to the cinema to watch Deep Breath, and as such the press have thrown the coverage into overdrive with most of the weekends papers having some kind of coverage of the big event.

This ladies and gentlemen, is that coverage repackaged for your easy digestion.

“Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?”

In one interview this weekend, the Twelfth Doctor went on record as declaring he knew how to fly the TARDIS better than most of the crew.

Reminiscing in The Guardian about surreal on-set moments, he remembers the first few times he filmed in the TARDIS. “I had to be very patient,” he says, with a hint of nerdish derision, “because there were always very nice prop guys telling me how to work the TARDIS, and I was like: ‘I know how to work the TARDIS! I’ve known for a very long time how to work the TARDIS. Probably longer than you. So you don’t need to tell me!'”

This is the kind of news that fans will “woop” for, having a fellow fan back behind the controls of the old girl, and there is no doubting Capaldi is one of us. As a teenager he inundated the production team with fan mail. In the live TV announcement, he was presented with a letter his 15-year-old self wrote to the Radio Times praising its Doctor Who coverage, which Capaldi sheepishly referred to as “the full anorak”.

Peter Capaldi IS the Twelfth Doctor Who!

The Doctor’s Dossier

Capaldi has also revealed this week that before filming began he starting compiling a book of ideas and notes, images and phrases from all manner of sources that have inspired his Doctor. “I won’t name names, because it will be more fun for people to spot them. I have a book though. I started to collect images and quotes from people I thought were Doctor Who-ish. But, I am not taking any chances with it.” In light of the recent leaks of scripts and footage the new Time Lord is keeping the book under heavy guard, just in case.

The secrecy doesn’t end there though: Capaldi revelled in his advance knowledge of the situation, telling the Sunday Post “It was like being allowed inside the Magic Circle… When I was Doctor-elect, before it was announced, I used to go to comic book shop Forbidden Planet in the west end of London and just hang around.” He went on to add “It would amuse me that people wouldn’t know they were standing next to the next Doctor Who. That’s all in the past now. I can’t do it anymore.”

Jenna compares Doctors

Having only just got used to hopping about the universe with Doctor number eleven while also getting to meet(and save) numbers one through ten, spare a thought for poor Clara who now has to wrap her head this latest incarnation, who she says is about as far from Matt Smiths portrayal as possible. “I always thought Matt was so young-looking but had this older, wiser quality about him, whereas Peter is almost the opposite,” observes 28-year-old Coleman in The Independent. “Somehow he has this energy that is younger. Visually, obviously, it is very different.” And the visual side isn’t the only difference, as she goes on to mention with regard to their relationship,  “he brings out the control freak in Clara because she can’t quite pin him down. It’s always an interesting dynamic with the Doctor, anyway; one moment he’s your friend, and in another moment he’s this weird alien, and in another moment he’s being this annoying kind of toddler and you’re the adult, and in the next moment he’s playing the wise old grandfather.”

The Doctor as an annoying toddler? This I have to see.

One other thing that the star let slip may well please the classic Who demographic, while talking about a particular part in one of the episodes she mentions that they encountered something they didn’t really understand “so Peter Googled it and it went back to 40 years ago and one of Jon Pertwee’s episodes.” So there is something in an episode that can be traced back to Pertwee circa 1973: let the speculation begin!

Jenna Coleman Gives Little Away On 12th Doctor Relationship

Capaldi hummed theme tune on Musketeers set

In another of the weekend’s big interviews (again in The Independent) Capaldi mentioned that “When I was walking around Prague on my own, I was singing the Doctor Who theme tune to myself.” Upon discovering he had won the part, “I was shooting as Cardinal Richelieu, so my phone had to be off. But I checked it, and I had nine messages. My agent finally got through and said, ‘Hello, Doctor.’ I went into the corner, I couldn’t tell anyone. I had to be very quiet.”

He also brings up the fact that in his younger days he abandoned his collection in favour of wine women and song. “I had a huge collection of Doctor Who books, autographs and pictures, but I threw them all away to go and drink lager and eat curries. That was silly, wasn’t it?” He adds that, “I wish I’d known that one day the geek would inherit the Earth.”

Capaldi also gets deep about the roots of the show and touches on its longevity and constant appeal to new audiences over the years “Doctor Who has within it some of the cornerstones of the human psyche. He dies and is reborn. That’s a potent idea. It’s a show that young people can watch in which they are confronted with death, but in a way which is not grief-stricken.”, while also describing the show as similar to Grimm’s fairy-tales “The Doctor takes you deep into the forest where there are monsters, but he will return you to safety in the end.”


So pick the bones out of that lot then, how excited are you for Saturday? Do you think Series 8 can live up to the hype? What can the 40-year-old Pertwee episode reference be?

Add your musings and speculations below and spark some debate ahead of the weekends festivities.


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