Cartoon Who, Karen’s Bond Wish, Terminator Genesis, Tom at 80 & Underground Fan

Here we go again! Bigger than the Third Doctor’s hairdo, faster than K-9 down a freshly-waxed hallway, and more informative than a talking computer in Sarah Jane’s attic, it’s the Kasterborous News Blast! Today’s Blast is “Five Rounds, Rapid!” as we take aim at: Doctor Who gets cartoony, Karen Gillan loves James Bond, Tom Baker turns 80, the Doctor returns to the London Underground, and Arnold Schwarzenegger pumps up Matt Smith!

The Name Is Legs, Ms Ginger Long-Legs

Karen Gillan, currently starring in the biggest hit movie in the galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy to be exact, has her sights set on another franchise: Bond, James Bond. But she doesn’t want to be one of the famed Bond Girls, no!, she surprisingly wants to be a villain! In an article on TV3, she said: “‘My dad used to tell me when I was younger, ‘You don’t want to be a Bond girl; you want to be a villain. That stuck with me.'”

Her dad sounds like a smart man.  The former Amy Pond did play the villainous Nebula in Guardians… could she menace Agent 007 next?

Toons & Really Disney-Inspired Scenes

Internet cartoon creator Stephen Byrne has put together a Doctor Who short and posted it on YouTube. Called (of course) The Animated Adventures of Doctor Who, the 44-second trailer features fantastic fully realized 2-D animation of the Twelfth Doctor and Clara (with guest appearances by K-9, Daleks, and others) in jaunty adventures through time and space. The Twelfth Doctor has a high forehead and even higher hair, while Clara appears to be tiny and 10 years old!

A review on PopCultureMonster loves the clip, and I think most Whovians would agree!

Come With Matt If You Want To Live!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, that seemingly 100-year-old action star, has revealed via Twitter that the next Terminator film will be called Terminator Genesis Genisys. Yes, that’s the correct spelling… never question Arnie’s spelling if you want to live!

Why is this news on the Kasterborous News Blast? Because none other than the Eleventh Doctor himself, Matt Smith, is co-starring with the muscled former Governor of California in the future hit!

Four Score and Seven Doctors Ago…

Tom Baker, last seen curating space-time artwork with a familiar face, turned 80 years old just six months ago. Big Finish and Dalek-voice mastermind Nick Briggs sat down with Baker and had a chat about the former Doctor’s long life. As the Big Finish website says, Tom Baker at 80 “…forms two fascinating hours of engaging entertainment in the unique company of Mr. Baker.”

The interview will be available on CD and download in September, and all pre-ordered CDs will be autographed by Tom Baker!  SHH!

The London Underground Is Safe From Villainy… For Now

Someone–obviously a fan very excited about 23 August–posted a lengthy Doctor Who quote on a London Underground Service Board.

The anonymous poster (did anyone check to see if Moffat has a blue felt-tip marker?) even did some artwork to go with the quote… a tiny drawing of Peter Capaldi in his now-famous Doctor action pose.  Surely, he’s a good man.

(Thanks to everyone who sent this!)

Well, that’s it for today’s Blast from the past…and present…and future…and all of space and the universe. Tune in next time for more views and news from your friends at Kasterborous!


Drew has been a fan of Doctor Who ever since he flipped through the channels late one night and saw a girl blowing up an army of funny robot men with nothing but a slingshot and some old coins. He currently lives somewhere in the woods of Missouri with his beautiful wife Barbara.

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