Character Building Doctor Who Wave 4 Released By Stealth

Fans of cute little figures (insert your own punch line, folks) will be gratified to learn that Character Building has released its latest wave of Doctor Who Micro Figures!

Seemingly with no prior announcement, the manufacturer has snuck out the fourth edition of the pocket money toys and they’re steadily emerging on stockists’ shelves.

Wave 4 boasts twelve new assorted characters, mostly hailing from the Moffat era of the show, and there are a number of noteworthy aspects to this latest collection.

With no less than four Doctors, five friends and companions and a mere three villains, buyers may feel that their shelf labelled ‘Enemies of Doctor Who’ will be left a little under-populated. To me this does rather serve to emphasise the lack of decent monsters introduced into the programme in recent years, although it would undoubtedly have been fun to see, say, a Gunslinger, a snowman or even a dinosaur from a spaceship included this time around.

And whilst its certainly welcome to see Madame Vastra (complete with fearsome looking swords) and Strax in the set, Character Building have surely missed a trick by leaving out Jenny, meaning that those wanting to create adventures for the Paternoster Gang will be forced to improvise. Myself, I would fashion a cloak to enable one of the Clara’s to serve as my Jenny, safe in the knowledge that there’s a back-up to accompany the Doctor. No doubt others will have their own ideas.

It also seems somewhat curious to include Captain Jack in what is otherwise very much a Series 5-7 zone unless, of course, the producers know something we don’t about what’s coming up. Let the rumours start here!

So what are the highlights of Wave 4, you ask? Well, the Zygon wears a very accurate scowl, although for this forty-something fan he’s too neat looking to match up to the mighty Broton. It’s always hard to go wrong with a Dalek, of course – who else would have liked to have seen this recreation of the Ironside bearing a cup of tea? The inclusion of a ‘Regeneration Costume Twelfth Doctor’ (nice to see Character Building setting their lip up against Steven Moffat with his shock ‘there is no such character as the Twelfth Doctor’ comments) will please completists.

Pulses of a sizeable percentage of the viewing public will surely quicken at the prospect of an Oswin Oswald (wearing that dress) on top of their mantelpiece, even if she is only two inches tall. Pick of the bunch may well be the War Doctor with his alarmingly spiky hair. If you want to know what Ant and Dec will look like in 40 years time, this is the figure for you…

View the whole caboodle over at The Doctor Who site!


Jonathan has followed the Doctor's adventures since the late Pertwee era, and he isn't about to stop now. A charity worker from Hull, he enjoys following Hull City's fortunes, listening to Bruce Springsteen and collecting all manner of Doctor Who ephemera. He blogs about Doctor Who merchandise at

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