Doctor Who Charity Auction for Maggie’s Centres

Wallets at the ready, and check your psychic paper at the door – a special Doctor Who charity auction is about to begin!

The 2014 Doctor Who Auction is being run by a chap called Robin Miller, who’s offering fans a chance to bid on a rather impressive collection of gems from the Whoniverse. The items are being auctioned through his own website, with participants being able to make their bids via email or Twitter, with the winning payments being made via PayPal.

But where is all this money going? Well, every penny raised will be sent to a charity called Maggie’s Centres, which provides support for anyone affected by cancer. As Robin puts it: “They have centres full of laughter, where you would expect sadness, and the work they do is just mind-blowing.”

And this is no small-scale endeavour; Robin has already raised over £2400 since he began using his own website to hold auctions, citing word of mouth and social media as the most crucial forms of raising awareness. So, if unlike the Doctor you’re not averse to the Twittersphere, go seek him out and say hi, or maybe even bid on something.

And boy, is there stuff to bid on. Whilst The Tenth Planet Episode 4 might sadly be missing from the assortment, there are many other treasures to whet the appetite of even the most casual Whovian. Standout items include a painting of Jon Pertwee realised (and signed) by none other than Peter Capaldi himself. Robin politely asks people to “bid sensibly” with this one, (I’ll say! How much does a kidney go for these days…?) It’s worth noting that the bidding for this piece ends just after the Twelfth Doctor’s TV debut, so you might want to be swift if you’re considering making a bid.

There is also a wide selection of doodles from various Doctor Who celebrities, signed trading cards, Christmas cards, and autographed pages from shooting scripts. And if, for some bizarre reason, Doctor Who isn’t your thing(!) you can also find items from other cult franchises, such as Harry PotterSherlock, Fawlty Towers and even a piece of art from a Beano and Dandy illustrator.

All of the bidding ends on the evening of Sunday 24th August, but there are different times for different items, so take a close look at the website for more specific info. Personally, my favourite ‘lot’ is the complete draft script of Torchwood: Miracle Day by Ciera Payton, (and nobody’s paid me to say this by the way – I just like scripts!) There is also a side from one of The Stolen Earth scripts which caught my eye, as it’s signed by Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards, with biro markings to indicate which polycarbide mutant he’s portraying! Ever wondered which Dalek was Barnaby Edwards and which was Nicholas Pegg? Time to find out…!

If anyone has any questions, or simply wants to make a bid, they can contact Robin via email at [email protected], or drop him a line on Twitter (@13challenge.)

Good luck!


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