Doctor Who Quizzes Take Over Facebook; Deep Breath Quiz!


Have you noticed the plethora of trivia and Who Are You? quiz results jamming up your Facebook timeline? (Along with the dozens of other quizzes, but I digress…) Ever wonder where they come from?

With this new series of Doctor Who upon us, a slew of new trivia quizzes and the ubiquitous “Which ______ are you?” tests have popped up.  Most of these new trivia games have focused on the new show, not including any references to the classic era, but there are a few that have thrown some old school factoids into the mix. There have been so many posted during the hiatus that I’m not sure we’d ever be able to cover them all in one post. What we have for you below is just a small sample. If you happen to know of any that we haven’t touched on, let us know in the comments! Have fun testing your knowledge with these Doctor Who quizzes!

Have you seen Deep Breath?

This just in! Mere hours after the first airing of Deep Breath, there has already been a quiz posted about it by the team at Radio Times! So how well were you paying attention? Have you watched it on repeat for the last 10 hours or did you only catch it once so far? See how much you can remember! (I was apparently watching well enough to get a 14/15 with only one and a half viewings!)

What kind of fan are you?

Do you wish the show was properly scary again, a real hide-behind-the-sofa terrifying tale that the companion or even the Doctor might not survive? Do you love the series long mystery arcs whose clues are hidden in plain sight and that you can’t believe you didn’t figure out before the last episode? Do you like that the show is always changing, one episode a mystery, one an action packed thriller, and the next a great story for the kids? Or do you wish there was more romance between the Doctor and his companion, that we’d all gotten to hear those words that the Tenth Doctor wanted to say to Rose Tyler?

Then take Bluffer’s “What Sort Of Doctor Who Fan Are You?” quiz! (I’m somewhere between loving the mystery and always embracing the changing nature of the show)

How well do you know your New Who?

The lovely folks over at Hypable have put together a grand collection of articles and  quizzes about the rebooted show including a quiz for each series and one for all of specials there have been. So how well do you know the details of each series? This writer just finished a rewatch of the whole New Who as a run up to the new series, so I’ve done fairly well on these since I’ve just had a refresher. But I’m thinking of bookmarking these for later just to test my knowledge.

How well do you remember the sixth series of New Who? Test your trivia skills with Hypable’s “Doctor Who Series 6” quiz.

Are you the Tenth? The Fifth? The Third?

Do you use humor to hide your pain, like the fresh from the Time War Ninth Doctor? Are you wise old sage like the First Doctor? Or are you more like the Sixth Doctor, just barely keeping your rage in check? Find out with this “Which Doctor Who Are You?” quiz from Virgin Media.

Buzzfeed’s Mini Industry

The always engaging Buzzfeed crew have also got a collection of trivia and Who Are You? quizzes including ones to find out which Doctor you are and which companion you might be.

So what Doctor does Buzzfeed think you are? I got two very different results between this quiz and the one mentioned above, though interestingly both Doctors are from the New Who era.

“Which Doctor Who Companion Are You?” Think you know the answer already? You might want to think again. Buzzfeed had the opportunity to test Jenna Coleman on which companion she was according to their quiz and the results were quite unexpected. I was expecting someone like River Song as my answer but since I’m not overly fond of shooting things or blowing stuff up, it’s not surprising, I guess, that she wasn’t my result. But apparently I am feisty and and would be one of the Doctor’s most loyal companions like Amy…

Last But Not Least!

And as if all of the above weren’t enough, BBC America has gotten in on the quiz boom, but with a twist. Want something to do during the commercial breaks? If you head on over to each week during the show, there will be a new quiz to occupy you while those pesky adverts play! The quizzes from past weeks will also be available for you to take as well.


Rebecca is still new to the Who world, but is no stranger to sci-fi, being a life long Trekkie. When not watching, reading, blogging, or talking about Doctor Who, she watches so many movies and reads so many books she has to keep a list of both so she doesn't forget any of them. She wishes she could have been with the Doctor and Amy when they met Van Gogh.

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