Gallifrey Rises At Big Finish!

Every time Big Finish announce something new my bank account weeps, because everything they do is so damn good, you cant help but decide there and then that you must have it, and after every purchase you tell yourself “that’s it. No more for at least a few months” Then they announce something else and you look and you declare “I can live without food and gas for a while, take my money Big Finish”.

Ok, so I may be exaggerating, but only a little as this week we have had a string of rather fantastic deals from those fine folk as they celebrate 15 years of offering the finest audios this side of Gallifrey.

Which brings us neatly to this week’s big announcement; Gallifrey: Intervention Earth.

Yes one of the most popular spin offs from the show is coming back for a seventh outing, this time with a slightly different spin. “If the original Gallifrey series was conceived as Time Lords meets The West Wing, this is probably more akin to Time Lords meets 24,” explains producer Scott Handcock “It’s a proper rollercoaster ride that gives us an opportunity to delve a little deeper into the actions of the Celestial Intervention Agency and its agents.”

And if that isn’t enough to loosen your purse-strings (it was for me if I’m honest) the cast lined up for this two disc extravaganza should do it as Juliet Landau is back in the role of Romana, having taken on the mantle in ‘Luna Romana’ last year and series six of Gallifrey.

Alongside Juliet’s incarnation of Romana, Seán Carlsen returns as the ever-popular CIA Coordinator Narvin, joined this time round by Ace, played by Sophie Aldred who has now become a Time Lord-in-training and CIA operative. As the conspiracy develops, a pivotal figure from Time Lord society also makes his presence felt, with Stephen Thorne reprising his role as the original Gallifreyan madman, Omega for the first time since The Three Doctors in 1973! Not to mention appearances from the likes of Toby Longworth, Gyles Brandreth, Daniel Brocklebank,  Scott Arthur, Laura Doddington, Toby Longworth, Rachel Atkins and Andrew Pepper.

Honestly, this is a series that excites me as I feel that Gallifrey is an aspect of the show that has never really been done justice on tv. It always felt as though it had the potential to be a superb Law and Order style break away show and thankfully Big Finish thought so too, and with the company’s recent Midas touch having the show take this turn can only lead to bigger and better things for the little spin off that could.

So what are your thoughts, have you given Gallifrey a try before? Are you are excited for this as I am, or are you not as interested in the non-Doctor specific series? Perhaps your one of those few who either have yet to experience Big Finish, or worse aren’t interested in Big Finish (seriously, give it a go, I promise you wont be disappointed)

Whatever your thoughts, we want to hear them. You know the drill by now, leave us a comment in the space below and lets get some discussion going.


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