Hermione Norris guests in Doctor Who Series 8

Hermione Norris: Capaldi Is “Extraordinary”

As we draw ever closer to D(eep Breath)-Day the tension is getting to the point you could cut it with the sharp edge of Tegan’s tongue. And as always the drips of praise and information keep falling, this time from Hermione Norris, star of  Spooks, Wire in the Blood, Casualty, Heartbeat, The Bill and Kingdom, and now Doctor Who.

The star who took the part for the sake of her 10 year old son Wilf (nice name by the way) who is a big fan – and let’s face it, we would all do the same – will be appearing in an episode written by Wallander writer Peter Harness and filmed in Lanzarote. There’s plenty of speculation that this could be in some way related to the Fifth Doctor adventure, Planet of Fire, the story that introduced us to Peri and in which we said farewell to Turlough and Kamelion.

Speaking about her episode, she was very careful not to let slip anything juicy, stating that “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say anything – I think you have to sign the Official Secrets Act!” But she did comment on Capaldi and his portrayal of the Doctor. “He’s extraordinary, Peter – just watching him I was interested to see what he would do. I’ll be fascinated to see it and he’s a very, very good actor so it’ll be exciting I think.” With regard to his incarnations feel in comparison to his predecessors, she added: “He is a fantastic actor, and I’m sure he will be very different.”

‘Different’ and ‘extraordinary’ seem to be the big words for this new Doctor, along with ‘dark’ and ‘rebellious’; could we be looking at the more adult turn that many ‘old school’ fans have been clamoring for? I for one would definitely welcome a slightly darker turn to the show, but then I’m a big fan of the Hinchcliffe era and all its Gothic splendor. Not that I don’t enjoy the lighter moments the show has given us in recent years; I just feel that there hasn’t been the balance of light and dark of late. Should Capaldi’s Doctor bring back the scares and edginess, I would hope it’s still got some laughs in there too. My guess would be that this is why we have the first post-regen episode featuring Vastra, Jenny and most importantly Strax, just to balance things out. Maybe I’m wrong – I guess we will find out in about 16 days.

So what are your thoughts; are you hoping for a dark Doctor, or do you fear it will be Colin Baker all over again? (Though I will defend Colin and his run to the hilt.) Perhaps you think this is all a big smoke screen and he will be as zany as Smith? Whatever your theory we want to hear it. Tell us your thoughts on the new Doctor below and we promise not to laugh.


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