Jenna Joins Social Network: Has She Quit Doctor Who?

It has been a long held fact that the cast of Doctor Who, the main cast regulars at least, are not usually found on social media, no while they are still active on the show. This was true for companion of the moment Jenna Coleman too, who had a twitter account as far back as 2012, but had never actually posted anything on it.

Until now.

Yes, sparking a wave of whispered conspiracies Jenna has taken not only to Twitter, but also instagram where she has already amassed a legion of over 11,000 fans (including Kasterborous!) plus an additional 6000 over on Twitter (including Kasterborous!). Not bad for accounts that only have two posts.

Jenna’s inaugural posts have been from the Seoul leg of the Series 8 world tour starting with this rather stunning cake.

This was followed by a shot of Seoul itself with the phrase “Seoul… Boo”

While having someone who is so integral to the series active on two of the biggest social media platforms of the moment is a definite boon for the fan world (potentially anyway, just look at what Barrowman gets up to on the set of Arrow!) the question remains: why now?

Maybe it is just so we can get a glimpse at the fun and games of the world tour as it progresses, but if that is the case why start at Seoul, why not London, or better yet, at the world premiere in Cardiff? Perhaps no one thought of it until then, but perhaps there is more to it as many fans are speculating.

The other major reason, say many,  that we could be seeing Jenna now being allowed on social media is that she in no longer an active member of the cast. Could it be that we will not be seeing any more of Clara after Series 8? I for one certainly hope not, she has rapidly become my favourite companion since Donna Noble and to loose her so soon would be a tragedy. Story details have been kept very well guarded for this run (we know a handful of titles and we have seen set pics showing creatures, but there is a whole unknown series out there) so it could easily be the final one for Jenna. While we still have the Christmas special still to shoot, if she is moving on, does that mean we could be getting a new companion come Chrimbo?

See how quickly these things can spiral into speculative madness?

We’re is hoping that this is nothing more than the Beeb taking the chance to get a bit more publicity out there under the guise of a personal profile, rather than signalling the ringing of the Cloister Bell for one of the better companions of recent years. Of course, in previous years, Karen Gillan only joined Twitter after she left  the show, while Arthur Darvill – like Samuel Anderson – already had an account when he joined. Matt Smith relied on his mum and sister for tweets relating to him, and David Tennant and his co-stars stayed away from social networking with the exception of Billie Piper who has joined more recently.

Could it be that there is a contractual block on cast members joining social networks?

How do you feel about ‘Twittergate’? Do you think the end is nigh for Clara, or see it all as another arm of the Beeb reaching out for publicity?

Perhaps you have some other idea what all this could be about. Whatever your thoughts, we want to hear them. Drop us a message below and get chatting, you know we love a good gossip.

(Via Digital Spy.)


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