Karen Gillan’s Ice Bucket Challenge, Real Vashta Nerada & More!

It’s news blast time again folks, and today is a whopper, so without further delay let’s get down to it.

Ice, Ice, Amy

Karen Gillan is latest star to take up the ice bucket challenge, raising awareness and money primarily for the ALS charity amongst others.

Karen, nominated by co-star  and former Doctor Matt Smith (who managed to do his challenge while being heckled by locals!), for some reason performed her challenge dressed as the pink power ranger and was aided by a red ranger and the smallest green ranger I have ever seen. The trio then finished off with a celebratory dance. It is as odd as it sounds, check it out and if you have any idea what is going on please let us know.


Mouth Wide Shut

Doctor number nine, Christopher Eccleston, is currently to be found in HBO series The Leftovers in which he played a former reverend who was not one of the lucky 2% of the world’s population who disappeared in a rapture style event. In his usual way the star had little to say when interviewed about the part other than to say that his religious views may, or may not have changed since he was last asked.

“You know, I think I said I was an atheist years ago when I was young and headstrong. I don’t know what I would say now. I’d probably say nothing. I actually think it’s quite important when you’re playing a character like this to keep your mouth shut about that. So, I’m keeping my mouth shut.”

(Daily Actor)

A Cross Stitch in Time

Creative folks, this is one for you. An ingenious fellow on etsy has come up with a cross stitch pattern for a 5 inch high 12 sided die featuring all 12 Doctors (not including John Hurt). Why would you want a cross stitched 12 sided Doctor Who die you ask? Why not say I?

It has been a well guarded secret that in my youth I was quite a cross-stitch fiend and can tell you first hand that it is engaging and challenging as model making of miniatures painting (you know, Games Workshop stuff) and the sense of achievement when you finish is great. As to what could you do with such an item, how about putting in your car as an alternative to furry dice? Or simply on proud display with your other Whovian goodies.

(Via Nerdist)

Recreating Giants

Planet of Giants is one of those classics that manages to fly under most people’s radar, which is a shame as it’s rather good. Unfortunately it suffered cuts and was reduced from four episodes to three and this meant footage was scrapped, never to be seen again. Luckily those wonderful people at Worldwide decided to recreate that missing episode using the original surviving cast members Carol Ann Ford and William Russell along with incredibly good sound-a-likes for the Doctor and Barbara, with John Guilor voicing the Doctor (Guilor would later reprise the role for a brief bit of dialogue in The Day of the Doctor‘s fan-pleasing “all of the Doctors” scene).

This is the behind the scenes footage of the recording process that gave us the recreation and it is fascinating to see just how much effort went into making sure each performance was note perfect, well worth a watch if you have a spare seven minutes.

Evil Schemes

When it comes to diabolical plots Doctor Who is up there with James Bond for bad guys who would rather stage the elaborate rather than the simple and obvious. Here then, is a cracking list of the top 10 most ridiculous master plans to feature in the show, and surprise-surprise the Master gets in there more than once. Also included in the list are the Valeyard, the Sontarans, the Silence and the War Lord and War Chief.

I was quite upset as some of my favorite serials are included in this list, I shall never be able to look at them the same again… well, other than War Games, that can do no wrong in my eyes.

(Via io9.com)

Wholock: The Musical

Do I really need to say any more than that? You already know that you want to see it. While I personally do not approve of the idea of having the two properties mix it up, unless it’s in a skit for Comic Relief maybe, I cannot deny that this is a mighty fine piece of music and the video is very well put together too. I have a horrible feeling that the tune is going to be bouncing around my head for days now.

Count the Shadows!

Well, its safe to say that of all the things in the world I hoped would never come to pass this would be way up there.

It turns out that the Vashda Nerada, the piranha like dust clouds from the spectacular Tennant two-parter Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, are kind of a real thing.

Just let that sink in for a moment…

Science has apparently known about these critters for  a while now, officially called Chelifer cancroides,  they only grow to a maximum of four millimeters in length. More commonly known as Book scorpions (I think that may actually be a more scary name than Vashda Nerada) these wee beasties feast on the book lice and dust mites which are attracted to starch-based glue used in older book binding, which is why they like to hang out around books.

Ok, so we may not be in any immediate danger, but I’m damn sure I’m less likely to enjoy the smell of old books quite so much now that I know there are tiny scorpions feasting in the bindings.

(Via The Mary Sue)

Doctor Who Figurine to hit Australia

On 18th August Australia finally got the chance to grab the Doctor Who Figurine Collection as it hits the shelves there for the first time. The collection is already doing well over here, with some stunning statues in the collection, and some genuinely impressive specials (I still want to get my hands on that Emperor Dalek if nothing else).

You can have a look at the collection over on the official website, dw-figurines.com.au.

Oh, and also, we’ve just got our hands on this exclusive ‘behind the scenes video’ which gives a little insight into how the models are made.


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