The Late Late News Blast… With James Corden?!

Hello once again, dear K readers! For today’s tasty news tidbits, we’ve got some new on set images, we’re learning about some Who connections in unexpected places, Daleks who attend weddings, and how Doctor Who relates to… parenting skills?

The Whoniverse and CBS’ The Late Late Show

As a good number of Whovians are aware, the current host of the CBS late night talk show, Craig Ferguson, is an avid Doctor Who fan. Since taking over The Late Late Show in 2005, he has had a number of Who stars on the show for his brand of late night talk show chitchat and silliness. He even keeps a replica of the TARDIS on his standard late night talk show host desk. And as is also now well known, in his younger days, Ferguson was in a band with the man who is soon to premiere as the next Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

Craig and Matt

Back in April, Ferguson announced that he was leaving the show at the end of the year. While there was speculation as to the fate of the late night gab-fest, now comes word that CBS has found a replacement for Ferguson, and it’s a pick that seems rather unexpected.

Sources close to the production of the show are saying that CBS has chosen comedian and much loved Who actor James Corden to lead the talk show. While Corden isn’t as widely known here in the US, he is quite well known in the UK as the creator of the sitcom Gavin and Stacey, among other things. Corden also has a 2012 Tony to his name for his role in One Man, Two Guvnors on Broadway.

Corden is currently staring in Begin Again with Keira Knightly and is soon to be seen in Disney’s production of Steven Sondheim’s Into The Woods. No word yet on what this new job might mean to the chances of Corden reprising his role of Craig Owens on Doctor Who. I, for one, would love to see Capaldi visit him and interact with a now good deal older Stormaggedon. Grandpa Doctor?

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More Whoniverse Connections in Guardians Of The Galaxy Besides Karen Gillan

Karen as Nebula

Those of you still following the career of Karen Gillan since she left Doctor Who know that she’s had some pretty interesting and very un-Amy Pond like roles lately, none the least of which is the bald, blue, cyborg space pirate assassin Nebula in this summer’s blockbuster Guardians Of The Galaxy. But did you know there are other actors in the film with a connection to Doctor Who?

Metro UK has come up with a list of 4 other Guardians actors that have (or will be or, in one case, just want to) appeared in episodes of Who. So as not to spoil it for anyone that hasn’t seen the films, I can tell you that these actors have played an Ice Warrior, a Minotaur, a king made of wood, and a makeup artist – and that’s just two of the actors!

New Photos From A Filming Location In Cardiff


I know there are many out there that are averse to seeing ANYTHING that has to do with production of the show because even the smallest details might lead to some hint of what to expect in an episode. So if you are one of those people, SKIP TO THE NEXT NEWS ITEM!!

Ok, you’ve been warned…

Recently, crew for the show have been spotted outside the National Museum Cardiff, filming scenes of what is believed to be the last episode for Series 8. While there are no principal actors to be seen, someone in a guard uniform was seen on the set that has been given extensive foliage. Click the link above to see a quick video of the location. No word yet as to what the episode might be about but I wouldn’t mind a museum come to life, a la Night At The Museum, done Doctor Who style…

A Wedding With A Dalek

When Paul and Joanne Seymour decided to renew their wedding vows after 30 years of marriage, they wanted to do something a little different and to raise money for charity in doing it! Paul, in a fez and Tom Baker long scarf, walked with Joanne, in a black lace gown with a TARDIS hair accessory, down the aisle to the Doctor Who theme and had a Dalek wearing a bow tie serve as the ring bearer!

Dalek WeddingThe couple, who also received a special signed photo from former Doctor David Tennant congratulating them, both work at Darent Valley Hospital in the maternity ward, and had been thinking of celebrating their years of marriage in a similar way. The event began to grow in scope and the couple agreed to help raise money for a fund at the hospital for babies with special needs. The vicar wasn’t exactly sure about including a Dalek in a wedding ceremony, but when he heard they were also going to raise money for a charity, agreed to go along with the plan. In regards to the whole event, the reverend said, “They’re great science fiction fans and that love of sci-fi is part of their marriage. They wanted to raise funds for the Little Buds fund at Darent Valley Hospital and so I was happy to do something for them. I’ve never had a wedding quite like this.”

(via HuffPo UK)

Doctor Who and Parenting Lessons

The 11th Doctor with sonic

Writer and owner John Kinnear of the Ask Your Dad blog is a fellow Whovian. And through watching the show, he’s come up with six things that the show and the Doctor have taught him about parenting. In a sweet blog post, John talks about how there are some days that are like a really great episode, one that you wish you could watch over again for the first time so you could experience the wonder of it all over again. But some days are like those episodes you really don’t like – you wish you could just skip them altogether.

Are Daleks just basically toddlers? Quite possibly. We all know that when taking care of kids, one shouldn’t blink, or mud will be tossed about the yard, lipstick will be used to create masterpieces on the walls, and the dog’s kibble will become a tasty treat… for the goldfish. Sometimes, we have to lie or not tell the whole truth and believe in magic screwdrivers to keep them innocent and full of joy and wonder. But we still know that while things are sometimes rough, just seeing their sweet faces and happy smiles can be regenerating and re-energizing,  and that our hearts are very much like the TARDIS: always much, much bigger on the inside with all the love they hold. And we do it all with only one heart!


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