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Middlesbrough’s Doctor Who Con The Shadow Proclamation Cancelled

Doctor Who fans travelling to Middlesbrough on Friday and today were horrified to learn that The Shadow Proclamation convention has been cancelled at the eleventh hour.

Tickets for the event ranged from £50 to £200, but only 200 tickets had been sold out of a total 900. Add in reports of stars not being paid or their travel and accommodation not arranged and you can see why the organiser, Mr Graeme Parry, had to take the drastic step of cancelling.

Actors who have pulled out include Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Louise Jameson, while Parry has said “I am extremely sorry we have had to do this at the last minute. Regrettably I felt this was the best and fairest action to take for all concerned.

“I’ve been having some issues with getting payments to people. I’ve been sending it to them and for whatever reasons I’m still looking into, they were telling me they were not receiving it. I’m devastated, really. In a couple of weeks, I’ll sit down and review what happened and see what I could have done better.

“But for the moment, I’m more focused on getting everybody put right.”

The cancellation at such a late stage has resulted in Doctor Who fans from around the world being stranded in Middlesbrough with little to do save wait for 7.50pm and hope they can catch Deep Breath or move on to another part of the country for a different event. We hope those of you who have landed on Teesside for the convention can make new arrangements very soon, and that you stay safe.

Anyone seeking a refund should at the first instance call 01642 942000 or check If you have purchased via PayPal we hear that refunds have started to make their way back into accounts.

On a personal note as someone born in Middlesbrough, this is particularly disappointing. Kasterborous was approached to help promote the convention earlier this year but the lack of answers to key questions left me with the opinion that a considerable effort was going to be needed by the organiser to make this happen. The truth can be cruel, but the fact is that organizing an event with just half a dozen guests can be utterly time consuming. The Shadow Proclamation boasted 35 guests, and without an experienced team of organizers such an event can never be expected to take place without serious problems.


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