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Moffat Reveals Plans Afoot For More Online Doctor Who

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has been talking to SFX about the plans to produce more online episodes, following the success of The Night of the Doctor, the surprise 2013 hit that saw Paul McGann reprising the Eighth Doctor for the first time since his sole episode in 1996.

Moffat’s plans for online Doctor Who episodes will come as a surprise to few, especially given the content that has been produced over the past few years.

“We used to treat it as a spin-off that maybe some people would watch… But then you suddenly realise something like ‘Pond Life’, which we took much more seriously, had an audience of over six million. You think oh wait, that’s a TV show! That’s just a TV show and a lot of our audience make no distinction between that and the TV show. Same with ‘The Night of the Doctor’. What I think is quite exciting about all that stuff is you’re allowed to do a six minute episode.

“So there’s going to be more of that, up until the point when all television is like that. And it will be. All television will be downloadable content. It’s coming.”

To underline the plans – which we’re told are a general desire throughout the BBC, not just at BBC Wales – Moffat reveals that he’s been talking to the BBC iPlayer channe controller over funding. Essentially, these will be full dramas. “…we don’t call them prequels, we don’t call them minisodes, we just call them Doctor Who. That’s all they are. As I say, why not do an episode that’s ten minutes? Or an episode that’s half an hour? It depends what it suits.”

You can read more from Steven Moffat in the new issue of SFX, on sale now.

So, more online Doctor Who. Not “minisodes” – the industry has moved on, as have viewers’ expectations. Where will it all end? Secondary Doctor Who series or perhaps spinoffs?

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