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One Week To Go: Remembering the Eleventh Doctor’s Debut

Doctor Who is one week away. Seven little days. And then, Peter Capaldi bursts onto the scene as the Doctor.

Yes, Deep Breath might just be 604,800 seconds away, but there’s no better time to remember what came before. The Eleventh Doctor. And wasn’t he simply sensational? The bow-tie-wearing incarnation debuted in April 2010 – who can believe four years have passed?! – in The Eleventh Hour, an episode loved by huge swathes of fandom. Above, you can see that unforgettable moment when he announced himself to the universe, scaring off the Atraxi. The episode saw him outwit Prisoner Zero with no TARDIS, no sonic screwdriver and 20 minutes, but he was, without doubt, the Doctor.

For so, so many people, Matt Smith’s Time Lord is known as “My Doctor.” That’s nothing against the other fantastic faces that have filled the role; everyone has a Doctor that just speaks to them, that will forever remain a part of them.

We’re certain Capaldi will be brilliant too; nonetheless, he recently told Marie Claire, “I don’t know if people will like me or not; or if the show will be more successful or less successful. But no matter what happens, someone somewhere will love me – I’ll be someone’s Doctor. Even if everyone else hates me.”

Hmm. I wonder who Capaldi’s Doctor is…

“But don’t forget me,” Matt begged fans soon after last year’s SDCC. “Please remember me!” Don’t worry, Matt. We’ll always remember you.

How will you remember the Raggedy Man?


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