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Peter Capaldi Reunites with Thick Of It Co-star Chris Addison

In casting too coincidental to be fate alone, the Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor will be joined in the Series 8 finale by an on-screen pal from hit comedy The Thick of It. The Radio Times has announced that Chris Addison will appear in this year’s climactic two-parter intriguingly titled Dark Water/Death in Heaven

Addison is a stand-up comic and may be familiar to you from appearances on topical comedy show, Mock the Week, and also starred in youthful drama Skins before The Thick of It. He played special adviser and bespectacled Cambridge graduate, Ollie Reeder in the political comedy, joining in the mockery, back-stabbing and desperate attempts to keep the party ship afloat. Here’s Addison and Capaldi sharing an appropriately sci-fi-themed moment from series four… There is, of course a BAD LANGUAGE WARNING accompanying the clip above.

More intriguingly, Addison is number two on the Ladbrokes bookies’ list of likely actors to take over from Jenna Coleman when Clara finally parts company – which *might * be this Christmas… (remember, gambling is addictive and bad for your wallet!)

This is almost certainly speculation and we’ll have to wait until the finale (or until he gets spied in front of a camera near a big blue box). He does appear to be a fan though – he told the Radio Times that appearing in the show has significantly shortened his bucket-list and has the following quote on Addison’s page…

“Everybody mocks Daleks but they’re somehow astonishingly scary. I put this down to the way they have no faces – you just don’t know their thoughts. Also, they seem to have phlegm in their throats, which is no doubt because they’ve no faces to spit it out with. I like the flashing lights on top of their heads, they look like menacing versions of those vans laying out cones on motorways at night.”

Clearly a comedian of taste if Who-monsters form part of his material! EVEN more intriguingly, first on the bookies’ list of next companion to the Twelfth Doctor is Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie. Also known for her role as Gwen Dawson in period drama Downton Abbey (alongside Series 6 pirate captain, Hugh Bonneville) here she is doing arguing-and-kissing as Ygritte, gutsy woman of the Wild Folk in Game of Thrones

In interviews she speaks with cut-glass English RP – but her Game of Thrones character has set me thinking. Could it be time for a historical companion, Kasterborites? We almost had one with the Victorian version of Clara in the Snowmen which would have been an interesting dynamic for the show. What do you think about a firey red-haired female version of Jamie, or Medieval serving-girl with her eyes on the stars? Time for a non-modern companion? What do you think and who would you cast?..


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