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Peter Capaldi’s Past and Future TV Appearances

Things are certainly heating up in the build up to this Saturday’s Series 8 premiere – and crikey, it’s only Thursday! Goodness knows what state we’ll all be in by Saturday teatime. No doubt the tumultuous buffeting inside my head will trigger an early regeneration, and I’ll stumble into my local cinema with Urak in tow.

Anyway, the newly-regenerated Doctor has been touring the world on the BBC PR wagon, visiting such exotic places as Seoul, Sydney and New York. That didn’t prevent him from dropping into CBBC Newsround, though, to give a surprise to some rather startled young fans.

The young and future Whovians were enjoying a tour of the slightly revamped TARDIS set, when they were joined by none other than the Twelfth Doctor himself. Once the stunned and somewhat awkward silence had subsided, Peter Capaldi was kind enough to take some questions from the junior viewers, which he answered with his usual grace and good humour.

When asked why he wanted to become the Doctor, Capaldi admitted it was because it’s “the greatest role in television, and also it’s probably the closest you could get to actually travelling through space and time.”

And was he worried about taking over from his predecessor, the wonderful Matt Smith?

“Yes, because he’s fantastic,” Capaldi revealed. “I love Matt Smith; I think he’s the most amazing Doctor! He’s so funny, and so clever, so wise, he’s so young, he’s so old, he’s a brilliant actor, and he’s a lovely guy. He’s ticked all the boxes there, so it is quite a difficult job to take over when someone so wonderful has been doing it. But he, I think, is on my side, so I hope everyone else will be too.”

More excitingly for UK viewers, though, is the news that the Twelfth Doctor himself will be a guest on tonight’s The One Show at 7pm on BBC One (that’s Thursday 21st August if you’re reading this from a different time zone, or even a different universe). Apparently there’s a chance that some fans from around the world will be appearing in various video clips, presumably filmed during the recent World Tour, so that could be fun. I also like to think that Peter Capalid will exclusively reveal the return of the Rani and the Tetraps for the season finale, but I’m not holding my (deep) breath.

Anyway, that’s The One Show, Thursday 21st August, 7pm on BBC One, followed by the season premiere on Saturday 23rd August at 7.50pm. Then we’ve eleven more televisual gems, and the 2014 Christmas Special.

“Any moment now… He’s a-coming…”


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