Retro TV Doctor Who Broadcasts Begin With An Unearthly Child!

As excitement builds for the new series, viewers in the US can check out how it all began for the Doctor with a bunch of classic era stories showing on Retro TV!

Retro TV will be the new home of twentieth century Doctor Who and we’re promised a showcase of the series’ classic run, encompassing the first seven incarnations of the Doctor.

Starting, logically enough, at the very beginning with An Unearthly Child, they’ll be screening two episodes back-to-back every weeknight at 8:00 PM ET/PT. In addition to these daily showings, a two hour ‘encore block’ will air on Saturday evenings as part of Retro TV’s new Sci-Fi Saturday. Starting at 6:00 PM ET/PT, viewers can enjoy the supernatural anthology One Step Beyond, Doctor Who and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

“We’re excited to set a fixed point in time for the arrival of classic episodes of Doctor Who on Retro TV,” says Matthew Golden, parent company Luken’s Vice President of Production. “These meticulously restored episodes will bring the history of the Doctor to the U.S. in a way that viewers have never seen before.”

Details are sketchy as to exactly which stories will be shown. Retro TV don’t seem to be promising a complete run from beginning to end, so it may be that a package of highlights is what’s in store, consisting of a selection from each Doctor’s era. Our advice for stateside viewers is to check out this handy list of affiliates and schedules to check precisely where you can watch the channel in your area. And be sure to tell them how pleased you are to have the opportunity to enjoy classic Doctor Who again via Retro TV’s Facebook page!

A shout out to Kasterborous reviewer Joe Siegler for bringing this to our attention. It seems our friend Joe was somewhat startled to stumble across the first episode of his favourite show on his TiVo box (‘HOLY CRAP!’) but he’s being nothing if not diligent in his support, pledging to record every showing even though he owns the DVD’s “because TiVo recordings count in ratings, and besides, one could always use another excuse to watch classic Doctor Who.” Well said, Joe.

Viewers in the USA are certainly enjoying a high time of it right now when it comes to enjoying Doctor Who on their telly boxes. As well as these new Retro TV showings they can look forward to a bumper run of more recent episodes courtesy of BBC America’s Doctor Who Takeover Week.

Be sure to catch Retro TV if you’re in the right Earth time zone, and tell us what you thought of it!


Jonathan has followed the Doctor's adventures since the late Pertwee era, and he isn't about to stop now. A charity worker from Hull, he enjoys following Hull City's fortunes, listening to Bruce Springsteen and collecting all manner of Doctor Who ephemera. He blogs about Doctor Who merchandise at www.mydoctorwhostuff.co.uk.

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