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Why Are Space Elevator Singing About Doctor Who?

The skin-tight PVC catsuit is an under-represented item in modern si-fi and fantasy’s televisual wardrobe. Since the futuristic stylings of Emma Peel in The Avengers and our own Zoe Heriot in a particularly daring 60s number (sequins), the humble catsuit has been sorely neglected…

Righting this wrong is sassy Rock songstress, The Duchess who fronts the band Space Elevator. The group is formed from ex-members of the West End musical, We Will Rock You which came to an end earlier this year after an impressive twelve-year run at the Dominion theatre. They claim past involvement with such legendary figures as Brian May (Queen), Eric Clapton and Black Sabbath.

It takes a special person to *rock* talc-and-shoehorn gear and she most certainly is. In an article in the Oxford Mail she talks about her love of the show and lists music stars who are fans including Meatloaf and Noel Gallagher. Music inspired by the series is touched on from the classic “One of These Days” by Pink Floyd to the less salubrious “I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek”. Duchess describes the former as having a bass line “that hits you in the groin”. I’ve always thought good music should have a beat that hits you in the face but she might be on to something… Takes a while to warm up though – cut to 3m35s for an alieny sounding voice and the Who-like base:

“Doctorin’ the TARDIS” is “fun but naff”… True say, Duchess:

We previewed Space Elevator’s track, “I Will Find You (Gallifrey Dreams)” some months back and hot on the heels of Series 8 they have just released the single on iTunes for 99p and at a whopping 5:25 it’s a proper song like songs used to be before they started being made by robots and voting…

It seems The Duchess is a true devotee of the Doctor, growing up with the show and dedicating this song to the wandering Time Lord. In fact the band think this is the THE FIRST LOVE SONG ever written exclusively to the Doctor. After a quick mind probe (still recovering) I think they might be right! Anyone find other suitors to the title?

And she shares some Gallifreyan qualities with the Doctor, not least her choice of a singular title not unlike Doctor, Master, Omega or The Monk! In fact she seems to have hit upon a shared trait amongst Time Lords and rock stars who’ve taken on a mononymous cipher – Prince, Madonna, Cher and Sting come to mind…

Check out the new video above and if it’s your cup of cha, head over to iTunes and show them some love. The full album is also available on CD and Vinyl. More importantly – are there any other love songs addressing our hero? The closest I can think of is Jon Pertwee’s I Am The Doctor. And might there be a line of Gallifreyan renegades hammering out classic tunes in a secretive Earth-bound exile?

Is the Duchess in fact the Rani…? And if she is, then just who is Missy?

More of their tracks can be found at their official website,



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