Doctor Who Series 8: Deep Breath

The Ultimate ReKap: Prepare Yourself For The Twelfth Doctor

Has the return of Doctor Who taken you by surprise? Are you a newcomer to the show, intrigued by casting of a new actor into the 50 year old TV show? If you’re the latter, you might want to check this superb compilation of clips from the series’ history (although be warned – it’s over an hour long!).

Whichever, we’ll assume you’re interested enough to want to catch up in time for tonight’s episode, the first in eight months.

You switch on the TV. It’s Friday night, and you see a quick trailer, that goes something like this:

Or worse:

Let’s face it, you might even be reading this on Sunday. But we’ll assume you’re not, that somehow you let everything since Christmas pass you by on the Doctor Who side, and you want to know what’s happening before you sit down to watch Peter Capaldi’s first appearance in Deep Breath.

Well first off, there’s the reKap (part one and part two, read them in order!), which should remind you of just how the Eleventh Doctor met his end in The Time of the Doctor.

At this point, you’re probably thinking: “Peter Capaldi? Isn’t he that foulmouthed chap from the political comedy about Alistair Campbell a generic spin doctor?” Of course, you’re be half right – the character Malcolm Tucker is foulmouthed, but Peter Capaldi (pronounced “cap-al-dee”, not “cap-all-dee”) is no more foulmouthed than he is a Time Lord.

So, with that in hand, let’s see what’s next: ah yes, Capaldi’s look. He’s mostly dressed in Series 8 in a black suit with a red lining in the jacket and a selection of shirts and jumpers underneath – generally, a variation on this Pertwee-esque number:



At the time this was revealed, tonight’s episode Deep Breath had already been in production. Fans caught sight of Capaldi on various location shoots in a string of outfits, including a nightshirt! Further announcements about Doctor Who Series 8 followed, with notable cast members including Keeley Hawes, Frank Skinner and Hermione Norris as the show returned to Lanzarote, location of 1984’s Planet of Fire. Full details about who is in, who wrote, who directed and what the episodes are called can be found in our Complete Series 8 Preview.

You can get fully up to speed with what to expect with this full trailer:

If that didn’t get you excited, perhaps the realisation that Capaldi and his co-star Jenna Coleman have been touring the world during August, taking in Cardiff, London, Seoul, Sydney, New York, Mexico, and Rio de Janiero, and following TV appearances such as The One Show, the stars will be in London this evening to attend a Leicester Square premiere. We’ve followed the recent World Tour events for you here on Kasterborous since it commenced:

The excitement has of course built to this point over the past few weeks with the World Tour and other events. It permeates fandom, and right now you can read just how much the Kasterborous team is anticipating Deep Breath. Even those unsure about Capaldi even as recently as a few days ago have been caught up in the swell of mania.

All of which brings us to tonight. Whether you’re watching as the 75 minute episode goes out on BBC One at home or at an event, or if you’re at the cinema, or even if you’re watching overseas tonight or Monday, this is where we’re now at: the dawning of a brand new era of Doctor Who. These don’t come along often, but we think this one is going to be memorable for all the right reasons.


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