So, Who Wants To See The Twelfth Doctor Breakdancing?

As you know, fresh from wrapping up the shoot for Series 8, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman (does anyone else miss the “Louise”?) were whisked away on a promotional world tour.

They’ve received Big Love from the UK, South Korea and most recently touched down in Australia to meet the fans. In this clip from the OZ Q&A Jenna recalls the process of filming the Twelfth Doctor’s first moments in the regeneration scene including some alternative takes…

“That is what Peter is like as an actor as well – just trying things, throwing things at the wall, throwing different ideas. I mean, there was singing and… breakdancing, I remembered today, in some of the regeneration scene takes.”

Surprised, the interviewer summarises: “Breakdancing?!..”

The Doctor has often erratic and unpredictable immediately after a regeneration – the Sixth Doctor tried to throttle his companion and the Fourth engaged Harry Sullivan in skipping-stare contest. In fact the very first regeneration was imagined as being like a bad trip on LSD

But breakdancing? Patrick Troughton’s first scenes from 1966 are sadly lost apart from a handful of telesnap photos and tiny snippets from a fan pointing a handheld film camera at the TV screen from when it was broadcast. This reconstruction gives a bit of an idea – hallucinations, confusion, grimacing and dubious fashion choices… but no breakdancing.

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I MUST see Capaldi’s wilder alternative first scenes. As far as Who DVD extras are concerned nothing else matters. Who’s with me? And any favourite post-regeneration moments? First scene “dos” and “don’ts”? Tell us below…


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