Where Are You Watching Doctor Who This Weekend?

Saturday is nearly upon us and, as the hands of the clock creep ever closer to chiming Twelve’s arrival, why not set aside an entire weekend to enjoy myriad examples of Doctor Who – from past episodes, docudramas, specials, and spin-off series; make your bank holiday weekend a Who weekender!

Cherry picking some of the highlights from the UK, US and the Rest of the World; here’s our attempt to give you the best of what’s on as we get ready to welcome the Twelfth Doctor.

22nd August 2014


Kicking off on Friday in the UK, Watch will be showing The Eleventh Hour, the peerless debut of the Eleventh Doctor, at 17:35 while over on the Horror Channel, you’ll be able to catch the last two parts of the Fifth Doctor serial Snakedance first at 15:10 and 15:45 and then again at 19:50 and 20:25 respectively.

Additionally, if you’re an early bird and can make peace with the fact you may come into contact with Eamon Holmes, you’ll be able to catch Jenna Coleman on This Morning before an appearance on BBC Radio One at 1.30pm.

Picture shows:  Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara


BBC America will be devoting an entire day to the Series 6 of Doctor Who, kicking off at 08:00 EDT with The Impossible Astronaut and ending at 22:00 EDT with The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe. You’ll also be able to catch Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion – a documentary on the Doctor’s companions hosted by Peter Davison at 11:00 EDT and Doctor Who: Earth Contest – a one hour special following Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman as they traverse the global for the Doctor Who World Tour at 21:00 EDT.

Retro TV will also be showing the first two parts of the First Doctor serial The Rescue starting at 20:00 EDT, OETA: The Oklahoma Network will be broadcasting The Pandorica Opens at 22:30 CDT and KCPT2 Kansas City will be broadcasting The Rebel Flesh at 23:00 CDT.

Rest of the World

Space in Canada will be airing a half hour breakdown of Series 8 with Innerspace Presents: Doctor Who Season Eight at 18:00 EDT featuring a chats with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, David Tennant, Peter Davison, Jenna Coleman, and Peter Capaldi.

Saturday 23rd August


Happy Capalday!

Kicking off the celebrations at 02:25 am, it’s The Sarah Jane Adventures episode The Lost Boy: Part One on Watch – for all the insomniacs and drunks!

Then at a more kiddie friendly hour CBBC have devoted an entire afternoon to SJA kicking off at 13:40 with the third part of The Wedding of Sarah Jane – what’s more, at 14:35 you’ll be able to catch the first of the animated Doctor Who episodes with The Infinite Quest and then Dreamland at 17:40.

Come 19:50, come the Twelfth Doctor; it’s the premiere of Deep Breath on BBC1 and BBC 1 HD – buckle yourself in, we’re heading into darkness! You can also watch Peter Capaldi’s first episode in cinemas around the country.



Once again, BBC America will be airing an entire series over the course of the day and this time it’s the final series of the Eleventh Doctor – including both The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor; starting at 03:00 EDT.

Before that begins, there’s just the small matter of who is the ultimate Time Lord? Watch Peter Davison (biased much!) as he attempts to answer that most vexing of questions in Doctor Who: The Ultimate Time Lord at 02:00 EDT.

At 20:00 EDT join Nerdist creator, comedian, and Doctor Who fan and host Chris Hardwick as he celebrates the premiere of Deep Breath with an array of studio guests including Mark Gatiss, in Doctor Who: Live Pre-show.

Then at 20:15 EDT, the main event itself; Deep Breath everyone, its Deep Breath!

If, for some reason, you aren’t watching Deep Breath – maybe you think dinosaurs and Victorian values don’t mix? Perhaps you don’t like ennui (‘I like ennui now, ennui’s cool) but whatever the reason, there’s still plenty of other Doctor Who episodes out there for you to reflect on a simpler time, a time when dinosaurs knew their place.

At 21:00 CDT, there are three episodes to watch across several networks: on Wisconsin Public Television there’s The End of Time: Part Two, over on OETA The Pandorica Opens again for a second night in a row and, finally, on KPTS you can settle into a personal favourite, the first part of the Fourth Doctor serial, Pyramids of Mars.

Pyramids of Mars

Using your very own personal time machine i.e. existence; you’ll also be able to catch both The Age of Steel and The Bells of Saint John an hour later at 22:00 CDT on KCPT and Mississippi Public Broadcasting respectively.

How was it? Was it good? Did you like it? These are the kind of questions Chris Hardwick won’t be asking in Doctor Who: After Show Live at 23:00 EDT where he’ll be once again be joined by a host of celebrity guests, which, I’m reliable informed by a previous paragraph, will also feature Mark Gatiss.

However, if you’d rather not join Chris Hardwick, then how about more Doctor Who! Namely, School Reunion and The Idiots’ Lantern at 23:00 CDT over on Iowa Public Television (which will also be showing a 15 minute behind the scenes special on the making of School Reunion afterwards) and KCPT respectively.

Rest of the World

So when will Deep Breath air? In Canada, the main event kicks off at 20:00 EDT on Space, In Australia, Deep Breath airs at 04:50 EST on ABC, in South America, Capaldi’s first episode will air at 17:00 CDT on BBC Entertainment and, in Germany, the episode will air at 21:00 CEST on Fox. However, the episode won’t air in NeW Zealand until Sunday, 31st August at 19:30 on Prime

In an exclusive one-on-one interview showing in Australia on ABC, When they Met the Doctor: Episode Two, where Julia Zemiro meets the incoming Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Filmed in Sydney, the interview will explore Peter’s experiences playing this role of such global cultural significance.

In France, the SyFy channel will be airing a mini Torchwood marathon starting at 12:40 CEST with alien impersonator, Adam and ending at with A Day in the Death – featuring the late, great Richard Briers.

BBC Entertainment in Poland will air the documentary Doctor Who Explained at 20:00 CEST while the same channel in Asia will be airing Coming to America, the behind the scenes documentary on The Impossible Astronaut at 12:00 SGT.

Echoing the Central American schedule BBC America in South America will be airing all of Season Seven in the build up to the premiere of Deep Breath – starting at 12:00 CDT


Sunday 24th August


Man, what happened last night?

There’s Sonic Screwdrivers, improbable scarves and enough Doctor Who themed cocktails left over to down a horse scattered everywhere! This recovery will not be swift; so why not ease your passage back to stupid reality with the touching, beautiful, wonderfully performed, impeccably observed, An Adventure in Space and Time – the 50th Anniversary Docudrama penned by Mark Gatiss (who, I’m reliable informed by a pervious paragraph…) airing on BBC 2 at 22:00.


And now it’s time for one last bow, like all your other selves. Eleven’s hour is over now, the clock is striking Twelve’s…and then back to Eleven again as KCPT air The Impossible Astronaut at the stroke of midnight, naturally followed by Day of the Moon and The Curse of the Black Spot, on the next two consecutive hours.

Then, by a massive coincidence, we’re back with the Eleventh Doctor on the eleventh hour at 23:00 CDT where WSIU TV in Carbondale, Illinois will air, yes, you guessed it, The Angels Take Manhattan…what, you thought it might be The Eleventh Hour? Ha, if only the universe was that perfect!

Doctor Who Series 8: Deep Breath

Rest of the World

In Latin America, BBC Entertainment will air Doctor Who Greatest Moments in its entirety – giving viewers the chance to re-live the Doctor, his companions and his foes best bits from 09:00 CDT.

Let’s not forget, you can also watch a simulcast of Deep Breath in cinemas around the world. Be sure to check out the Doctor Who website for a comprehensive list of which cinemas close to you will be showing Peter Capaldi’s angry eyes on the big screen.

So how will you be celebrating the arrival of the Twelfth Doctor? Do you have a plan for your day? Will you be attending a con? Will you be having your own Doctor Who party? And will you be watching Chris Hardwick’s live show (which, I’m reliably informed by a previous paragraph…)

Have we missed something? Are you organising something and want to let us know? Have we missed your countries air date? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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