Is Jenna Coleman Leaving Doctor Who Or Not?

Doctor Who fans have been accepting of the fact that Jenna Coleman may be leaving the show soon. Following Clara and the Doctor’s goodbye in Death in Heaven, it seemed that we would no longer see her riding in the TARDIS (unless we’d already heard that Jenna was cast in the Christmas special).

However following the recent clip for the 2014 Christmas special, it seems that the Doctor and Clara will be reunited, at least for a short time. But what if she was to be holding on a bit longer?

What if Clara wasn’t leaving the TARDIS?

A recent interview with Digital Spy features Jenna explaining something about the experience of travelling with the Doctor, which she describes as “Totally addictive! And I think she’s addicted to him and the life and the TARDIS and I don’t think there’s really a way back for her now that she’s had a taste of this life and him. I don’t really think she could go back to just having a normal life again.”

Now, this could mean that Jenna is leaving following as part of the Christmas special… or that she might be leaving in Series 9.

We’d recommend you check the link out in full, actually, as there is plenty more to discuss, not least the retconning of the Doctor’s life in The Name of the Doctor… “…one of my favourite things about her is her sense of loyalty to the Doctor – she’s really the person who’s been with him right from the beginning, from Hartnell and all the way through, I think that’s pretty amazing, getting to work with Matt and Peter and a bit with David [Tennant], so that for me is a wonderful side to her.”

It’s strange that one of the best actresses to play a Doctor Who companion should be saddled with being a source of much resentment among certain groups of fans (with respect to the plot device nature of the Impossible Girl and the way in which Clara has been introduced as an element woven throughout the Doctor’s life) but it would seem likely that she will leave sooner rather than later.

What do you think? Would you like to see Jenna return for Series 9.


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