Hound Sniffs Out Regular Doctor Who Role PLUS David Tennant “Weird” Says Father in Law

An eclectic selection for you in today’s Newsblast, including a couple of instances of lobbying for a return to the show, the lengths people will go to to follow their favourite stars… and why Peter Davison feels weird… So without further ado…

War Doctor Evolves


Illustrator Jeff Victor got a surprise when one-off Doctor John Hurt got in touch to ask for a print of his latest work, so impressed was he with Victor’s depiction of his various classic cult roles. Starting with 1980’s Alien, the graphic takes us through Hurt’s career highlights (The Elephant Man) and some, well, less fondly remembered parts (The Black Cauldron), culminating in his turn as old grumpy chops himself, the War Doctor from anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor, complete with sonic screwdriver and Moment.

Mel Hits Manchester

Bonnie Langford made a rare convention appearance recently, guesting at Manchester’s Film and Comic Con in late May at the Trafford Centre. The erstwhile companion to the Sixth and Seventh Doctors appeared at the event along with Nightmare on Elm Street’s Robert Englund and Jeremy ‘Boba Fett’ Bulloch, also known to Doctor Who fans as Hal, who did for Lynx all those years ago in The Time Warrior. Whether Bonnie offered carrot juice to her fellow guests is, as yet, unconfirmed…

The Return of Adam’s Mum?


Who wants to see Adam’s Mum from The Long Game become the next companion? Hmmm, yeah… thought you might say that. Well, Oliver Guy does, and he’s gone to the decidedly unusual lengths of setting up an online petition to lobby Steven Moffat to make it happen. At the time of writing Oliver’s clarion call had attracted a modest nine signatories but give it a chance, we say: all the great causes take time to achieve their aims…

Doctor Who at Radio Times Festival

Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies are three of the big attractions at the first ever Radio Times Festival, a four day event in September which gives viewers a chance to get the inside story on the making of some of their favourite shows. Taking place at Hampton Court Palace, session will include a Doctor Who panel featuring Capaldi, Moffatt and Executive Producer Brian Minchin who will ‘reveal the inner workings of the Whoniverse’ and a separate appearance by Russell T Davies, who will get a whole hour to himself. Tickets are now on sale to Radio Times subscribers and on general sale from 23rd June.

Rufus Wants to Return


Rufus Hound, set to guest star in Series 9, already fancies coming back in Doctor Who as a regular. In a brief chat with the Irish Examiner Rufus reveals he was seriously thrilled when news of his casting came through, even though it interrupted his drinking:

“I was in the pub drinking a pint of proper beer when I found out and it really was one of those kinds of punch the air moments.

“I’ve actually filmed my bit now and it was just everything I dreamt it would be to be honest, so when that comes out in October I’m hoping people like what I did in it and I’m hoping they like it so much that some sort of campaign is mounted so that I can regularly be on it.”

What do you think?

Davison Weirded out by Tennant

Turns out it’s not just the fans who think it’s a bit strange (in a nice way) that Tenth Doctor David Tennant is married to Fifth Doctor Peter Davison’s daughter… who played his own daughter on TV. Davison himself has also struggled to adapt to this time and space continuum-busting relationship, if a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph is anything to go by:

“David didn’t ask me for any tips on the role, but I took my two sons to the filming of his first episode in London, and he was fantastic, very nice and very welcoming,” says Peter, who has been appearing in an acclaimed production of Gypsy and fronting the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in recent weeks. “Later on things changed when he married my daughter, and that is rather weird. I don’t know if either of us have really come to terms with it,” he wails, before rallying to sound more upbeat about things. “But I think he did a great job in the show, and I do like the fact that I was ‘his’ Doctor Who when he was growing up.”

Captain Jack Fans Flock to Ipswich


John Barrowman fans have descended on Suffolk to see the great man on his latest tour. The rather scary sounding ‘Team Barrowman International’ boasts a growing membership upwards of 300 now, many of whom have travelled many miles to catch Captain Jack in person. “We’re all huge fans of his and fans of British dramas and TV,” says Antje Strauch from Germany, “I was first introduced to John via Captain Jack Harkness. When I found out he had this musical side he blew me away.”

Yes, we’ve all been… moved by John’s music.


Jonathan has followed the Doctor's adventures since the late Pertwee era, and he isn't about to stop now. A charity worker from Hull, he enjoys following Hull City's fortunes, listening to Bruce Springsteen and collecting all manner of Doctor Who ephemera. He blogs about Doctor Who merchandise at www.mydoctorwhostuff.co.uk.

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