Articles by Steven B

Steven B

Somewhen in the lost dimension of youth, Steven fell into the vortex of Doctor Who via half-formed remembrances of after-school television repeats, and - more influentially - a veritable treasure trove of by-then already long-neglected Target novelisations that were housed in a strangely-comforting school library, which allowed access to its inner sanctum via a set of battered blue double doors. He never quite managed to escape... Now exiled from his own time and people, Steven lives, alone, in Perth, Western Australia, the most isolated and sunny city on this good planet. Twitter: @steed_stylin


059 The Daemons

In one sentence: the Doctor and UNIT must stop the Master, who plans on summoning the Devil by the means of black magic in the crypt under the church of an English country village. That’s it, right there; that’s the story. Whereas, in life, actions tend to speak louder than words, in television – at…


046 The Invasion

The Invasion. The definitive article, you might say…. Which one is this again? The Brigadier, Benton, and UNIT. appear for the first time Tobias Vaughn makes a deadly pact with one of the show’s greatest monsters Cybermen emerge from London‘s sewers and down the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral (So not the one with dinosaurs…

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