Articles by Mark Watson

Having contributed to Kasterborous on and off for the past 8 years, Mark is also the writer of the children's book "The Shark in the Park".

Doctor Who

Reviewed: The Caretaker

The Caretaker begins with the death of a policeman. But for us, in this review, we’ll begin with the Doctor, Doctor Who. Peter Capaldi is ridiculously watchable. We’ve very quickly come to love him as he and his character work in unison. In my humble opinion he has an advantage over the previous two actors,…

Turn Left

Let it be known that we don’t actually pay Mark Watson, and have been attempting to evict him from Kasterborous Towers for some months now. Anyway, he wrote a review, here it is, etc… There are two lifts in my building, one on the right and the other, unsurprisingly enough, on the left. Coming back…

Smith and Jones Review #2

Doctor Hula Hoop provides his own unique analysis of Smith and Jones… Getting a review to K Towers from my snug Costa Brava hideaway is always perilous affair. Normally I only have to deal with fellow writer/reviewers, typically from other Dr Who websites, trying to assassinate me on route/run me off the road or steal…

Thank God for the Devil

Why am I always worried when I hear rumours in the K Towers canteen? Popping in through the ‘Occassional Contributors’ entrance (overgrown, shabby and with a sign saying ‘must try harder’ above it) this week, I heard two, namely that 1 – There will be a ‘great new monster’ somewhere, probably in a two or…

Doctor Who: The Satan Pit

Satan Pit Review #2

Hey you, you at the BBC, the guy who designed the Ood, the Devil, the Black Hole, the cavern, yeah that’s right YOU! Where were you? Popped out for a fag during the design stages of Rose, migraine on Fathers Day, did you take a duvet day on the morning of the Jagrafess design meeting?…

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