Articles by Richard Forbes

Richard Forbes graduated from the University of Waterloo, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Philosophy. When asked (usually by confused old women) what ‘does one do exactly’ with said degree, he laughs and politely declines to answer. A perfect night for him involves a relaxing cup of Lady Grey, some writing and a re-run of ‘Yes Minister’. His favourite Doctor Who episode, provided he’s coerced to answer at gunpoint, is Series 1’s acclaimed ‘The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances’.


Big Finish: New Counter-Measures, Omega Factor and Jago & Litefoot!

Here’s your latest News Blast – this one from the marvelous land of Big Finish Productions! The New Counter-Measures Big Finish has announced that a new series, The New Counter-Measures will launch in 2016. This new series continues the tales of the military organisation, first introduced in Remembrance of the Daleks (1988), now challenged by…


Necropolis Rising

South of Cairo, 2015 – “Watch your step, Doctor,” said Professor Hammond, a spry man for his age, trained in archeology – his Irish, soft and delicate from his tenure at Oxford. Stepping with great resolve though, he made his way through the cobwebs into the dark, wet caverns. “The catatombs are normally closed to…

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