Possible Sherlock Fan Theory Confirmed in Colouring Book?

You may only need black, grey, white and the occasional use of the red crayon but there’s a Sherlock colouring book because, well, reasons. However, could this book help add some shade to a popular fan theory?

Now, you don’t need to be Holmes himself to spot that speculating on potential series four story lines using a colouring book is stretching it a bit but, hey ho, here we are, so let’s try to stay in the lines and crack this conundrum.

The potential twist was spotted by one eagle-eyed tumblr user who caught an interesting detail concerning Watson’s wife, Mary – who many fans have long suspected might actually be villain Sebastian Moran, accomplice and ally to Moriarty, based solely around their similar names and not much else.

Now, the colouring book features a series of clues that need to be found in each of the settings that feature in the show. The items range from Sherlock’s deerstalker hat to Watson’s gun. One such item is Mary’s wedding ring and it can be seen in the location long since thought to unite Moriarty and Moran: the Swimming Pool.

Why is this significant? Well Sherlock once faced off against Moriarty in the swimming pool where his arch nemesis claimed to have some highly trained marksmen pointing standing by to blow Sherlock away – a highly trained marksman like Moran: could the ring be a clue to the true identity of Mary Morstan?

Yeah, it’s clutching at straws. We can’t imagine someone revealing a key bit of character information in a colouring book but, we can imagine someone planting that information to keep the speculation alive – it’s those kind of ‘colourful’ details that make Sherlock so much fun.

Sherlock: The Mind Palace – The Official Colouring Book by Mike Collins is available to buy now from Amazon for £6.99 


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