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That’s right, the Whispering Gallery has been redecorated, and we think it looks quite smashing. It took a bit longer than expected to prepare this one for you; some of the pieces were rather heavy and kept falling off the wall. No worries though, we only broke three of artist Andy Walker’s illustrations, and payed for the damage in Burger King vouchers.

Andy is a very prolific creative who has an impressive résumé with commissions in multiple Doctor Who Storybooks, Doctor Who Magazine, and the hands of private collectors. He’s also built a career outside the Whoniverse, tackling Star Trek, The (non-Marvel) Avengers, and more. Below you’ll see 15 selections chosen by both the artist and us, many of which can’t be found anywhere else on the internet (at the time of writing, anyway). We’ve also mixed in a few lines of exclusive interview material to get us all acquainted with Andy as both the artist and the man.

Take your time with this and enjoy every piece; each one is brilliant in its own unique way. So remove your coat, leave us your hat, and be our very special guest as we present the career of Andy Walker in this week’s Whispering Gallery at Kasterborous Towers!

Return of the Voord

Return of the Voord, 2009
Acrylic and ink on cold-pressed watercolour board, 44 cm × 31 cm

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever spent working on a piece of art? What’s the fastest time you’ve clocked?

Around two weeks for a large painting like “Return of the Voord”. I’ve painted a lot of wraparound book jackets (which because of their nature have to be worked up to quite a large size) and they take a similar amount of time despite my best efforts! The fastest is about two days; when I was illustrating the Doctor Who Storybooks the deadlines were quite tight so it was very much production line time.


Doctor Who Robot faux Radio Times cover, 2012
Illustration – Acrylic on cold-pressed watercolour board
Lettering – Mixed media (mostly hand-produced)
23.5 cm × 29.7 cm

“This was a private commission for Doctor Who art collector James Moore; my brief was to produce the Radio Times cover that Tom never had coinciding with the transmission of the third episode of his debut story Robot in January 1975.” –Andy

The Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors, 2012
Acrylic on cold-pressed watercolour board, 42 cm × 29.7 cm

“I was asked to visualise a scene that never appeared in the actual series – the Ice Warriors have forced their way into the TARDIS and are advancing on Victoria – as imagined by the client, David Johnston.” –Andy


Star Trek – Operation Annihilate! 2012
Ink on cold-pressed watercolour board, 21 cm × 25 cm

“A page of comic strip art painted as a personal memory of the first Star Trek episode I ever saw way back in 1970. All those primary colours were too much for my impressionable 5 year old mind, I was well and truly hooked!” –Andy

Best Laid Plans, 2003
Acrylic on cold-pressed watercolour board, 21.6 cm × 35 cm

“A book jacket painted for Time Warner for the novel Best Laid Plans by best-selling author Mary A Larkin. With thanks to Hazel.” –Andy

You’ve illustrated a fair share of non-Whovian book jacket art. Are there any differences between your approach to those and your approach to your Who-related commissions?

Not really, I always strive to produce high quality, visually engaging images although I have to say I am inescapably just that little bit more passionate about my Who-related commissions. I was ensnared at a very early age by Pat Troughton’s mercurial and enigmatic portrayal!

The Haldenmor Fugue I

The Haldenmor Fugue – illustration 1, 2010
Ink on Daler-Rowney hot-pressed Line and Wash Board, 22 cm × 17.6 cm

“From Panini’s Doctor Who Storybook 2010, the first of nine illustrations I painted for James Moran’s story The Haldenmor Fugue.” –Andy

Very Peculiar Praxis

Very Peculiar Praxis, 2012
Acrylic on cold-pressed watercolour board, 8.1 cm × 31.8 cm

“In 1993, I was commissioned to paint the Jon Pertwee and Peter Davison sections of a wraparound cover for the cult fanzine DWB featuring all seven Doctors for the 30th anniversary of the programme. I produced roughs for both pieces, completed the Pertwee section and was about to start work on the Davison panel when I was told to stop, as it had been assigned to the premier Who artist of the time Alister Pearson, who produced his usual excellent work. Nineteen years later I decided to finally work it up as a finished piece!” –Andy

The Avengers

The Avengers! 2012
Ink on Daler-Rowney hot-pressed Line and Wash Board, 18 cm × 17 cm

“Another personal piece this time inspired by the classic 60s genre show, again as a young child, the combination of the ineffable charm of Patrick Macnee and the exquisite beauty of Diana Rigg was irresistible. Plus the fact that the location work for the 1965 episode The Gravediggers was filmed a mere 5 miles from where I live today!” –Andy

The Survivalist no. 20: Firestorm, 1991
Acrylic on cold-pressed watercolour board, 21 cm × 30 cm

“Another book jacket, this time for the New English Library painted in 1991 as the front cover for a novel by American author Jerry Ahern. The Survivalist series concerned one man’s struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world!” –Andy

The Curse of Fenric

The Curse of Fenric, 1990
Black Indian ink and white acrylic on CS10 art board, 21 cm × 15 cm

“Hang on, Pond!” 2011
Acrylic on cold-pressed watercolour board, 23 cm × 28 cm

“A private commission painted for an American client. The brief was to recreate the scene at the start of The Beast Below when Amy floats outside the TARDIS and to include the crack in time that was a constant feature in Series 5.” –Andy

Are there any particular Doctors or Doctor Who stories that have influenced your overall style or tone as an artist?

Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker (and the artists and illustrators producing Doctor Who artwork in books, comics and magazines during their eras) and the current Matt Smith/Steve Moffatt era which I think has produced some very visually rich stories.

TV Action cover, 2011
Ink on paper painted with a Gesso surface, 22 cm × 31.6 cm

“Another commission for Mr. [James] Moore, this time for his hand-illustrated luxury edition of David J. Howe’s [The Target Book]. The brief was quite open so I imagined the Third Doctor running into a deadly Chinese triad and the consequences – ‘HAI!!'” –Andy

A New Era

A New Era, 2009
Ink on Daler-Rowney hot-pressed Line and Wash Board, 22 cm × 30 cm

“Interestingly I chose to feature the Silurians long before there were any whisperings on the internet about their return in [Series 5]!” –Andy in 2010 after submitting a signed print of this piece to the
Art For Hearts auction

Doctor vs. Doctor illustration 2: “Meeting Dr. Merrivale Carr” – 2005
Ink on Daler-Rowney hot-pressed Line and Wash Board, 26 cm × 19.4 cm

Doctor Who: Endgame, 2011
Acrylic and ink on Daler-Rowney hot-pressed Line and Wash Board, 21 cm × 29.7 cm

“[James Moore] wanted a Christmas card that consisted of 9 separate sketch cards, that also formed a composite image that would work as a whole featuring Matt Smith and enemies from all eras of the programme; again I was happy to oblige!” –Andy

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