Impressive Variations On The Doctor Who Theme!

Fans of the Doctor Who theme tune, (which I’m guessing is most of us!), will no doubt be aware of the range of remixes and renditions that are currently doing the rounds on YouTube. Ranging from the upbeat to the borderline hypnotic, these off-the-wall orchestrations will thrill, amuse, and surprise you.

For anyone urgently seeking that pulsing bassline and ethereal cry, here’s a quick run-down of Ron Grainer’s finest…

First, we have the classic Delaware arrangement, made famous by its (accidental) broadcast in Australia in the 1970s. Producer Barry Letts had originally considered using this as a permanent replacement to the Delia Derbyshire rendition, but changed his mind at the last minute. Subsequently, some overseas copies of Carnival of Monsters retained this ‘unused’ theme music.

Next we have the version by Orbital, whose variation was used for the 40th anniversary montages in 2003. This video is extra-special, though, as it includes Matt Smith himself on the keyboards at Glastonbury…

Rock / metal fans might also want to consider this rather impressive guitar-led arrangement, with thumping drums and whaling acoustics. I’m not quite sure what makes this version ‘metal’ as opposed to ‘rock,’ but I am musically dense by my own admission! Whatever the genre, it’s a good listen.

Next up is the rather fascinating electronic version by Arc Attack. It’s evocative of the 16bit console music of the early 90s, although it’s worth watching for the visuals alone; the ‘dancer’ expels lightning bolts from his finger tips!

Finally, check out this spooky, hypnotic rendition by thereminist Lydia Kavina and the Radio Science Orchestra. I must confess I have no idea what a thereminist is, but Lydia Kavina appears to be making sounds with a mere wave of her hand, which I find awesome and mind-blowing! [A theremin is used in the theme tune for Midsomer Murders. It also plays a big part in The Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations hit from 1966 -Ed]

So there you are – just some of the creative Doctor Who theme arrangements that are available through the magic of YouTube! Of course, I will always be a sucker for the Dominic Glynn version, but that’s between me and my iPod…

Oh, and if you fancy making your own, this handy online guide will tell you everything you need to get started! Let us know if you’ve come across any more unusually striking arrangements.

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