A Brief Note: The Mysterious Affair of the Vanishing Comments

Many of you have quite rightly be worried about our comments section, so we’d just like to clear things up somewhat.

Yes, we’ve had a little trouble recently, and we’re still tidying K Towers back up, so we can deliver great content about everyone’s favourite show.

Turns out, WordPress has been filing some of your comments away, waiting for us unsuspecting fools to approve them. We wondered what that red bit on the control panel was, but figured it would go away if we ignored it. It didn’t go away, no matter how much we yelled.

We took some advice from the Tenth Doctor: we saw a big red button and pressed it. With horror, we realised we were inadvertently silencing our audience. Oops. Sorry about that.

You’ll likely notice a few of your past comments popping up now. Please accept our apologies. We’ll try to keep on top of it from now on. To highlight the point to anyone whose comments have disappeared – that You Are Not Alone – former editor, Christian Cawley has also been commenting and those, too, had vanished. We don’t like to censor anyone, especially not Christian, unless it’s with gaffer tape.

However, I’d personally just like to point everyone back to our comments policy: it’d be great if everyone could still adhere to them. Essentially, be nice. It’s fine if you have a criticism, but think about the way you’re expressing it. We’re not random robots: we have emotions and if we dedicate a large amount of time to writing something for your entertainment, it feels pretty awful to be torn to pieces for it. Similarly, if any robots out there want to complain about me calling them emotionless, please email me. You’ll need to do a CAPTCHA first.

Furthermore, we’re not sure what we’re doing about comments, but it’s fairly likely we’ll be reinstating Disqus sometime in the future. Yay!

Thanks, too, for your comments saying you’re glad we’re back, that you’ve missed us. We’ve missed you too. We’ll get back on track. Thanks for your patience.



When he’s not watching television, reading books ‘n’ Marvel comics, listening to The Killers, and obsessing over script ideas, Philip Bates (Kasterborous' former Editor) pretends to be a freelance writer. He enjoys collecting everything. He is the co-founder of The Doctor Who Companion: http://thedoctorwhocompanion.com/

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