The Valeyard toys with the Doctor

The Valeyard Judges The Woman Who Lived

I’m back. Deal with it.

Quite frankly if most of you accepted that explanation from Missy then I see no reason to expand on my own, long overdue, return.

Much has changed since I last did one of these articles for Cawley, my face being the most obvious one. It’s a good face, much more in keeping with one of the children of Kasterborous. The other change of note is the site now seems to be run by a gentleman by the name of Doris (Phil actually – Ed) and I now answer to him rather than Cawley.

So, I seem to have missed the start of the series, but no matter I’m sure I’ll catch up quickly enough.

Ah, so we come to The Woman Who Lived. It’s not a bad episode, but not very much happens, does it? An awful lot of talking about responsibility and repercussions. I felt sure I’d covered this in a fraction of the time in a wee cafe in 1963; most of an episode seems a tad indulgent. When a degree of action does finally appear on the screen it does so in the form of Lion-o, Lord of the Thundercats. It’s mildly off-putting, but I suppose I should be thankful that the Snarf monstrosity didn’t also appear.

The only other amusing aspect of this episode comes from Rufus Hound. Given the history of comedians appearing (I’m looking at you, Peter Key) I must confess I feared the worst. But Hound does a passable job as a Highway man facing a potentially  immortal future. Not unlike a poor man’s Captain Harkness whom I notice got name checked. I can live with with name checks, but nothing more, Mr Barrowman.

The end of the episode reveals that he’s replaced Pond as well as his face. Granted he’s gone for a 21st century earth girl again, but at least she’s not ginger…

All in all not a terrible affair. I may return next week if Doris (Phil!!- Ed) requires my services again.

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