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Launched in June 2013 Kasterborous Magazine is a new aspect of the website.

Essentially a full length magazine about Doctor Who fans and fandom, it is, if you like, the epitome of the term “fanzine”.

Available in digital and print formats (the latter coming a little after the former), the first issue includes columns, two interviews with Matt Smith and various other features including a guide to building your own Dalek! We also chat with writer Tom Macrae, voice artist John Guilor and illustrator Paul Hanley.

Work on issue two is currently underway, in which we dedicate almost every page to the long history of Doctor Who video games. The very first game was published as code printed in an early copy of Computer & Video Games back in 1983, and since then has covered 29 years of platforms and genres all the way to The Eternity Clock, in 2012. Beyond gaming, Doctor Who also exists in various custom-built online worlds such as Second Life, and our In the Shed for issue two will look at what is required to start building your own digital TARDIS…

We’ll be interviewing personnel connected to some of the Doctor Who games from over the years, featuring concept art and images and even reviewing the games and providing tips for fighting your way through them.

After all, it’s a great way to look forward to Series 8, isn’t it?

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Kasterborous Magazine #2 is expected for release in early 2014.


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We’re intending that this should be the ultimate bible for Doctor Who fans – rather than being a print version of the website you’re reading, it should stand on its own two feet, and this can only be achieved (we think) by reflecting the activities of fans, sharing what goes on in the worlds of Doctor Who cosplay, prop building, gaming, audios and books, live events and more!

More importantly, the pricing model for this project is intended to enable us to pay contributors for their hard work. Until now, Doctor Who Magazine is the only paying market for first time writers exclusively on the subject of Doctor Who. We reckon you should be able to earn some money if you’re published in Kasterborous Magazine.

Our rates are as follows:

  • Articles 0.075p/word for the first 2000, 0.1p/word thereafter.
  • Columns by arrangement.
  • Original artwork £5 per image, £7.50 full page image.

Additionally, as we produce the magazine in print and digitally, you can have a byline linking back to your website.

Remember, Kasterborous Magazine isn’t about mimicking other mags – it’s about fans. It’s about fandom.

It’s about YOU.

With that in mind, we released issue one earlier this year and have issue two lined up for release before Christmas 2013.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!



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