Whoniverse Floods the Portal Awards

The nominees for the Portal Awards, an annual ceremony designed to recognize excellence in science fiction entertainment, have been announced, and you’ll never guess Who’s on it!

Doctor Who - David TennantActually, you probably will: David Tennant.

He’s up for the Best Actor/Television prize against Torchwood‘s John Barrowman, and Lost‘s Matthew Fox, among others.  It may prove to be quite the match between the the Doctor and the Captain; their performances of I-don’t-want-to-go and Ianto’s-dead-and-I-just-killed-my-grandson respectively each portrayed top-notch emotion and shed many a tear from their audiences.

But if you think the Whoniverse attention stops there, then you must be a fairly new addition to the fanbase, in which case, welcome to a world where the talent never wavers!  The accumulation of nominations between Doctor Who and Torchwood total not one, not two, but eleven chances at acquiring the honor that is a Portal Award!

Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper) face off against three other actresses for the glory of Best Actress/Television, while Bernard Cribbins (Wilfred Mott) has been appointed a shot at Best Supporting Actor/Television.

Torchwood features in the Portal AwardsMeanwhile, as far as stories are concerned, Children of Earth is up against The End of Time, but they both face fierce competition from the similarly-titled finale of Lost, known as The End, while tales from Fringe and Smallville were also named as possibilities for the category of Best Episode/Television.  Although one of them has nothing to do with Doctor Who, the first three items listed in this paragraph showcase a high enough quality to make them all very, very worthy contenders for the Portal.

But that’s not all!  Alex Kingston (River Song) is up against – gasp – Leonard Nimoy from an episode of Fringe in the Best Special Guest/Television category!  This honor in itself is certainly well-deserved for everyone’s favorite backwards time-line companion!

Hold your applause; it gets better – Russell T. Davies, head writer and executive producer of Torchwood and ex-fearless-leader of Who, is in the running for the Gene Roddenberry Award against The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson!  Don’t tell me Doctor Who doesn’t get the world recognition it deserves.

Rounding up the event will feature Doctor Who, Torchwood, Lost, Fringe, and Stargate: Universe duking it out to be named the best series on television!  Being an enthusiastic follower of all of these except the last, I can personally guarantee that this one will be a close race, yet I fully expect Doctor Who to come out on top, as it should.

Sadly, there’s no mention of Matt Smith on this year’s list; perhaps there’s only room for one incarnation at a time in this part of town.  No doubt we’ll be seeing him on next year’s ballot, however, if he continues to act as well as he has!

If you’re in any way surprised that these Whovian nominations made the cut, you must not have been watching either programme.  iPlayer is a wonderful place to start.

For a full list of the Portal Award possibilities, Airlock Alpha should prove itself enlightening.

Patrick Riley


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