“Sibling Bickering”

There’s been an ocean of fascinating material to pull from Karen Gillan’s recent interview with the Radio Times; continuing that coverage today, we have for you signals that Gillan has not completely ignored the general public’s apparent belief that her character is too “sexy,” an anxiety that was not calmed when Amy attempted to remove the Doctor’s braces during the final few minutes of Flesh and Stone. 

Doctor Who sex uproar - Karen Gillan and Matt Smith as the Doctor and AmyHere’s some insight from Karen as to where the relationship between the Doctor and Amy is going:

“Ultimately, I think they’re like brother and sister.  He’s quite protective of her and they bicker like siblings do, but ultimately they’d do anything for each other. Sometimes, though, she’s attracted to him, and that’s when things get a bit more complicated.”

Sounds not too dissimilar to a couple of uknowning Jedi offspring, doesn’t it? Star Wars sibling-snogging jokes aside, Karen does also point out that her character’s nonexistent feelings for the Doctor are equally not returned.

“I don’t think he sees her like that at all. I think he basically still sees her as the little Amelia he met when she was 7. So when she kisses him, he’s like, ‘Ooh, this is all wrong’, and she’s like, ‘Why isn’t he reciprocating?’ So she pushes it a bit, just to test her power. But in the morning, she’s back to being his annoying little sister again.”

So, to all the Karen-disapproving Pond-splashers in the world, in case the conclusion of Amy’s Choice wasn’t enough for you, you’ve just been given solid proof that the new companion is not going down the same “Doctor, Doctor, wherefore art thou Doctor?” road that was traveled by previous companions Rose Tyler and Martha Jones.

Besides, you can’t possibly deny that Karen has the massive upper hand at acting when compared to Carrie Fisher!

Absorb the full interview in the 19-25 June issue of the Radio Times, available now.  Also, you can see Amy and the Doctor not engage in meaningful romantic activity when The Pandorica Opens this Saturday at 6:40PM on BBC1 and BBC HD!

(Via Digital Spy)

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