The Pandorica Opens Reaction

Wow! Gasp! Nooo! Right, time for some proper reviews of the utterly brilliant The Pandorica Opens.

Doctor Who - The Pandorica OpensLast nights episode that saw the Doctor incarcerated, Amy murdered by Auton-Rory, River Song trapped in the TARDIS as it exploded and, oh yes, the universe ending has been universally praised by most media outlets with asides about just where the budget they saved on Amy’s Choice and The Lodger went.

The Telegraph, whose reviewer is everyone’s favourite 1993 Mastermind champion (For Doctor Who, of course) Gavin Fuller, calling the penultimate episodes climax one of the best since The Stolen Earth.

“Given Moffat’s imaginative capabilities I for one can’t even begin to hazard a guess as to how things will resolve themselves in the climactic episode. Roll on next Saturday!”

The Express, taking umbrage with Steven Fry’s comment this week at a BAFTA Television Lecture where the great man compared British drama to ‘chicken nuggets’ calling Doctor Who a mere children’s programme, focused on the family for its review.

“The Pandorica Opens, was classic fairytale, and aimed, as always, at a family audience.”

Den of Geek heaped praise on The Grand Moff’s intricate plotting which saw most of the loose ends tied up before the opening credits had even ran.

“What has been though is delivering often deep, dark and utterly compelling episodes of Doctor Who. With The Pandorica Opens, he’s not only managed that again, but he’s ensured a solid week of theorising before the final episode of the series – The Big Bang – ties things up next week. He’s raised the stakes significantly, and we simply can’t wait to see how it all pays off in seven days’ time. Because, for our money, The Pandorica Opens was as ambitious and brilliant as we could have hoped for.”

The Guardian went one further than Den of Geek and insisted that its readers needed to watch the episode numerous times just to untangle its little girls imagination as the universes ultimate trap plot.

“I’ll be honest here: you need to watch this episode at least three times to get a proper handle on every little bit that’s going on. Thing is, you’ll want to.”

Flickfilosopher, a site of reviews and musings by MaryAnn Johanson has an absolutely mind boggling theory as to what the ultimate purpose is of the Pandorica.

“Though I still suspect that this “box, cage, prison” of the Pandorica — the “fairy tale” — is just a metaphorical one, and the opening of the Pandorica is really going to be “just” the Doctor reawakening to the real world.”

If this turns out to be true then the Alliance using Amy’s memories must also be able to impart memories to her as this doesn’t explain how Amy knows exactly what all these feared enemies of the Doctor look like if like she said during Victory of the Daleks, she didn’t know who they were? Is it possible for an alternative universe based on Amy’s memories and mind to contain elements that she is unaware of? How is this cliff hanger going to end (or should that be begin?)

The Pandorica Opens received an audience of 5.9 million viewers according to unofficial overnight figures for both BBC 1 and BBC HD. The figures are expected to see a boost when the final figures, including viewers who recorded the program are released next week.

These extra figures could see the program rise into the top ten most watched programs of the week. Doctor Who is currently the 14th with only Sundays figures to come.


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