Ssshh… Christmas Special Spoilers

How’s everyone coping then? The newest series of Doctor Who has finished and now we wait five months until Christmas Day for some more Doctor Who-y goodness.

And of course while we’re waiting, news and titbits about the 2010 Christmas Special (Matt and Karen’s first together! The first special without Tennant!) are starting to leak out.

If you’re spoiler phobic and want to know no details, please look away…….now.

According to tardisspoilers.blogspot, Michael Gambon’s character will be called Kazran. His character is apparently intended to have multiple encounters with the Doctor over his lifetime via a wibbly wobbly timey wimey affair much like Steven Moffat’s The Girl in the Fireplace. The special will have a Victorian setting which the Doctor visits

We will also see Karzan at various stages over his life, although whether this is through flashbacks or through the Doctor’s travels we don’t know. The special is also said to be loosely based on A Christmas Carol.


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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